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“Who’s kid is this?” Morgana asked, watching as Genghis ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. He gestured to the small Larvitar with concern, he knew he certainly wouldn’t let Ahri run around unsupervised. Whatever, he would never understand this dumb human holiday anyways. He wondered why Isaac went to such great lengths to make their home presentable to all these random guests. Normally their trainer was much more… passive. Preferring his solitude and to be undisturbed by intruders, but for some reason today seemed to be different. Morgana shrugged, he didn’t get their masters, but he supposed he had to respect them. He opened the door with a mild grumble to the small Larvitar to “stay in line”.

As Genghis began to scurry through the maze, Ahri stopped him, pushing a flashlight into his small hands. She could clearly see the frustration on the small dragon’s face, he must’ve really wanted that candy for some reason.

“You have to play the game!” She piped up, her squeaky voice permeating the dark and echoey basement. “My mom’s pet won’t give you candy if you don’t play along with our maze!” She continued, sticking her nose up in the air. Without another word, she jumped back into the darkness. Leaving Genghis to begin his rampage through the depths. As he continued his rush, Ahri jumped out at him once again, her devil costume flashing against the harsh light of the flashlight. Upon seeing no reaction, Ahri grew frustrated, sticking her tongue out at Genghis.

“You’re no fun!” She exclaimed, rushing off once again. Not that it mattered to Genghis, all he cared about was getting that sweet… succulent candy. As he continued his trek, a rattling was heard from above as an icy Sandslash jumped down, a bellowing scream rustling from his throat. Genghis jumped back slightly, startled by the sudden assault.

“Heh! Gotcha good, kiddo!” Exclaimed Django, wrapping an arm around Genghis. “You’re almost there, just look for the werewolf and the really hairy human.” With that, he sprung back upwards, returning to his spot on the roof. As he continued, the room suddenly lit up. He dropped the flashlight in a small box labeled “torches”.

“LARV!” He shouted at the weird looking dog and the very hairy man, causing Isaac to chuckle slightly.

“Did your master send you all alone?” He looked around, half expecting a trainer to appear. “Well… I guess that doesn’t matter. Just make sure your trainer gets this.” Isaac bent down an placed a delicately wrapped rare candy into Genghis’ tiny hands.

Genghis (Jayson) received x1 Rare Candy!


Morgana scowled hearing you speak so sarcastically about his costume. He had worked really hard on it! He had even asked Isaac to help him sew to make it! Vanderlyle, in full purple body-paint from atop the roof gave a wheeze of a laugh feeling the heat rise from Morgana’s shoulders. The Zangoose trotted closer to the edge to look down at Scylla and her trainer, upon him coming into view you could see his clear attempt to look like the Cheshire Cat.

“Don’t be like that, Morgie. Let the lovely duo in, they deserve their candy.” Vander said, a coy smirk crossing his face.

“But… she insulted my costume…” Morgana pouted, a large frown crossing the large cat’s face. Vander began to wheeze with laughter once again, leaping down.

“You’re pathetic sometimes, you know that?” He replied, his shit-eating grin getting ever larger.

“Why! You little...!” Morgana leapt from his post, attacking Vanderlyle and beginning to pummel him to the ground. That looks painful, you should probably leave them be…

As you and Scylla slid inside, you were greeted by a small Eevee in a devil costume. She tilted her head slightly and perked up her ears, straining to hear the noises from outside. She shook her head, it was probably nothing. She picked up a flashlight in her mouth, placing it into your very capable hands to allow you to navigate this maze. It was a breeze, really. No Pokémon seemed to be jumping out to scare you, except that one Eevee, who kept looking very confused as to where her companions had gone. Little did she know, they had all rushed outside to watch her dad beat the ever-loving shit out of her uncle.

As you finished the maze, you were approached by a lone man, he seemed to be sweating profusely.

“Uh, hey! Hope you had fun in Isaac’s funhouse!” He looked around anxiously before placing a candy in your hands. You gave a nonchalant shrug, leaving the basement and returning to the outside. You looked around, seeing various Pokemon in a circle. Curious, you approached, seeing a Leafeon pinching the large Incineroar by the cheek with a set of vines and dragging him inside with her. Meanwhile a Manectric dragged the clearly fainted Zangoose off the lawn.

??? received x1 Rare Candy!

Missingno. Master

Yeah okay, so maybe it was a slight oversight on the owner’s part to put a burly and aggressive Incineroar on door duty… but where else was he supposed to go? It would be horrifying to run into him in that darkened maze. Nonetheless, you were determined to get through this spooky maze. As you dust yourself off, you continue through the darkness, only to be greeted by a small Eevee. Her adorable eyes got the better of you, causing you to literally “aw” out loud. You accepted the flashlight with politeness, causing Ahri to bound off happily.

As you walked through the maze, various Pokémon jumped out in an attempt to scare you. But, in reality, most of them were far cuter than they were frightening. Meowth, however, was getting a little jumpy as you progressed through the maze. You yourself felt a twinge of guilt, these Pokémon were going through a lot of effort to put on a good show, and you didn’t want them to feel like their efforts were going to waste. You began to feign a little bit of fear in order to put a smile on the Pokémon’s faces. The little devilish Eevee seemed pleased at your reaction to her jump out, no one had really feigned the same fear at her up to this point.

As you reached the end, you were greeted by Were-Isaac and Werehead-Vinny. It was a little bizarre seeing the Leafeon struggling to walk with the heavy mask on her head, but she hopped up happily seeing you and Meowth approach. Isaac gave his spiel about knife throwing, causing Meowth to flip out slightly. He desperately clawed to leave, causing Vinny to sigh. She approached the two of you, placing a candy in your hands.

Keith received x1 Rare Candy

King Ghidorah

Ahri stood in awe of your Pinsir, her eyes lit up with a mixture of curiosity and fear. The creature was certainly imposing but something about her stoic stance reminded Ahri of her beastly cat of a father (who was still getting quite the earful from her mother for putting Vanderlyle in the PokeCenter). The tiny devil Eevee gave a cheerful smile, skipping away happily after she handed you your flashlight.

Shortly after the small Eevee’s departure, a Sandslash leapt down from the roof. His claws and mouth covered in a red sticky substance that instantly drew your Pinsir to him. She walked forward, as if in some sort of a trance. Django, slightly afraid of the large insect, took a few paces back. The Pinsir leapt forward, causing you to jump for her and attempt to subdue her. As you leaned forward, you could see her tongue trying to viciously lap up the substance on the Sandslash’s claws. After wrestling your Pinsir away, you apologize to the Sandslash who gives a quick nod before hurriedly retreating to his position on the roof.

After a brief walk, with your Pinsir upset you wouldn’t let her viciously assault Django for that delicious strawberry jam, you come across Isaac and Vinny. The small Leafeon gives a mock growl, not that she was very scary to begin with, even with that huge wolf head on her. Isaac gives a small wave, punctuated by the knives in his hand.

“Trick or Treat!” Isaac called in response to your earlier call. He moved forward to shake your hand before noticing the horrific number of knives he was holding. “Oh god, I’m sorry.” He placed the knives on a table and moved in for a handshake, placing a Rare Candy in your hand after doing so. “Thanks for stopping by!”

Hugo received x1 Rare Candy!

Gemini Spark
Django looked down at the Pokémon that had begun to lick him. He couldn’t believe he had somehow been duped into slathering this disgusting stuff on himself, not that he expected anyone to actually physically attempt to lick it off of him. He sighed, scuttering up to the roof once again. He hated to do it to poor little Ahri, but he might be out of commission for the rest of the night after the horrors he had endured. He scuttled over to Laika, the Pikachu seemed more than enthusiastic to take over --- she didn’t even need a costume! She was already cosplaying as an adorable Rock-Star! She jumped out for one last hurrah before you got to Isaac, demonstrating her rather bleak air guitar skills. (Not that it can be that easy with those horrifically small arms).

As Hyrem reached the end, he was greeted by a rather furry man and his lupine companion. The Leafeon, in her huge human-sized wolf mask, jumped forward in an attempt to frighten you… but rather than managing to do anything of the sort her mask simply slipped off, revealing a rather startled looking Leafeon. Isaac gave a small chuckle, offering you one of the knives. His expression turned to one of glee when you accepted it.

“Really?! You’re like, the first person!” Isaac grinned like a happy child, rushing to the wheel and giving it a heavy spin. You eyed your options, hoping you could land on something good. Your knife sunk into the wooden board, and Isaac eyed it while it slowly stopped spinning.

Spoiler: show

“Well I’ll be darned! That’s a great prize!” Isaac called out, handing you the two Rare Candies you had won. “Oh! Also, Trick or Treat! Thanks for coming!” Isaac reached out and handed you a third Rare Candy, as thanks for traversing the maze and entertaining the Pokémon.

Hyrem Received x1 Rare Candy!

“And for like, not killing me with that knife and being a great sport… this is for you!” Isaac reached behind him and handed you one of the many goodie bags behind him.

Hyrem Received a Goodie Bag! It contained:
Spoiler: show
  • x2 Rare Candies
  • $250
  • x1 Miracle Seed
  • x1 TM Thunder Punch
  • x1 Leaf Ball
  • x1 Wereball
  • x1 Werewolf Claws
  • x2 Extra Rare Candies! (From the Wheel)


Morgana rolled his eyes at your joke. Isaac couldn’t pay him enough Pokefood to deal with this kind of stuff. But he knew better than to react negatively again, least be faced with Vinny’s wrath. He gestured towards the door, convincing you to move on inside. As you walked through the cabin, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride roll over you. The base was eloquently decorated, clearly the owner had a lot of passion in place to mold this base into a loving Halloween themed maze.

As you began the maze, you were approached by an adorable tiny Eevee in a devil costume. Far from what you perceived as scary, but she was clearly trying her best. You played along, causing her to smile widely as she handed you a flashlight. She gave her best evil laugh, moving back into the shadows. You couldn’t help but smile at the attempt.

As you continued, many other Pokémon attempted to scare you, to which you tried your best to feign fear. Not that anything could really scare you, considering your army of dragons. But it was pleasant to see the creatures making such a bold attempt. A Pikachu attempted to scare you, but the only thing scary about her attempt was her horrible air guitar skills. The Sandslash was on break, instead offering recruiting some of Isaac’s other Pokémon to fill in for him. Orpheus the Pidgeotto was dressed as a raven, his feathers painted back and wearing a tiny top hat. He squawked at you, watching as you mock quivering in fear with a prideful smile on his face.

As you reached the end, you saw a man dressed up as a werewolf with a Were-Leafeon by his side. Following your compliments, the man flushed red slightly.

“Oh! Thank you!” He put the knives down falling your refusal. “That’s okay, I’m glad you had fun though!” He gave a wide grin, moving towards you to give you a rare candy. “Enjoy the rest of your night!”

Blake received x1 Rare Candy!

Median Dia

Morgana hissed at your Beldum, clearly becoming frustrated with his position as doorman. It would be much, much easier if he could actually speak English to communicate with the people. He sighed, looking down at a watch that Isaac had provided him with. He wondered how many more guests they would have before Halloween drew to close.

As you walked through the maze, you noticed a few oddities. None of the Pokémon were particularly scary, nor did it seem that a lot of effort was put into making them scary. But you had to wonder if such naturally cute Pokémon could really be made to look frightening. The closest Pokémon to actually looking frightening was the long-clawed frosted Sandslash… but upon closer inspection with your eyes (and your nose) you realized he was just covered in strawberry jam. Clearly the investment into making the base and path look nice was far higher than the budget for costumes.

As you reached the end, you noticed a man in his early twenties. He was a little… furry, but otherwise about as unfrightening as the rest of the base. The Leafeon next to him had seemingly stolen the helm of his costume, not that he seemed to mind. As you respectfully declined his offer to throw knives, he gave a small shrug.

“Yeah, I’d prefer to remain in one piece if you’re that unsure about your aim.” He chuckled to himself, producing a Rare Candy from his pocket. “Thanks for stopping by anyways! I hope you had fun!”

Amicae received x1 Rare Candy!


Cuteness was a nice refresher after so many scary run ins. It was nice to see cute little Pokemon rushing around and trying their hardest to scare you. After their first few attempts didn’t seem to work in frightening you, a few Pokemon began to look slightly discouraged. Feeling bad for making them upset, you began to feign fear for the rest of the attempts. The Pokemon seemed clearly pleased following your acts of fear, they always hopped away excitedly following “scaring you”.

After you completed the maze, you noticed a grinning man in a wolf costume brandishing rather sharp knives. Despite the cute nature of the rest of the attraction, you had to admit that this was a little frightening. You tentatively reached out and take a knife from his hand, throwing it as he explains the game. After the knife leave your hand, it lands squarely in the board and Isaac and you watch it slowly as it stops.

Spoiler: show

Isaac chuckles hearing you talk about him having more practice with the knives than you as he pulls it out of the wheel.

“Nah. I’ve never done this before in my life.” He rummages through a bowl of candy and gives you a Rare Candy for coming to see the haunted house.

Melissa received x1 Rare Candy

“Thanks for coming! And don’t worry about the knives, you did great!” He pulls one of the goodie bags from behind himself, moving forwards slightly to also pass you a Normal Ball as your prize from the wheel.

Melissa received a Goodie Bag! It contained the following items:
Spoiler: show
  • x2 Rare Candies
  • $250
  • x1 2 Normal Gems
  • x1 TM Tri-Attack
  • x1 Thunder Ball
  • x1 Wereball
  • x1 Devil Horns
  • x1 Normal Ball (From the Wheel)


The Mountie aspect wasn’t lost on you considering your origin… but you had to wonder how this man who had pictures from across the Unova region had learned of them. It was a little too rural for mounties to be sticking around, but that was neither here nor there. As you followed the directions of the statue (thank you, statue), you noticed a darkened maze set up by large tarps in the basement. It was mildly dark… but that was soon solved by a small Eevee in a devil costume bounding forward, a flashlight in her mouth. She presented it to you proudly, allowing you to light the way through the rest of the maze.

You couldn’t help but admire how adorable the overall aspect of this maze was. Most of the Pokemon’s costumes were simply adorable, and it was a nice break following some of the other more horrific bases you had been to on this night.

As you reached Isaac, you peered over him and his Leafeon. The adorable aspect certainly wasn’t lost on her, her small frame was contained in a plaid shirt that matched her master’s and she was wearing a wolf head that was far too large for her. Isaac offered you a knife, to which you declined. He gave a small shrug, bending down and putting his hand into the mouth of Vinny’s mask, producing a Rare Candy.

“Thanks for stopping by!” He exclaimed, giving you the Rare Candy.

Mint received x1 Rare Candy!

Morgana smiled widely seeing Tori and Sicily approach. It was always nice to see his daughter (one of many) and his almost mate. He admired Tori’s growth, eyeing her new frame. She was more on his level since the growth spurt, it was a little odd, but he certainly admired it. Before he allowed them inside, he took a few steps inward, dragging out Jean. The Nidorina looked irritated, until she spotted her mother. She gave a happy noise, reminiscing with her mother. Following a few fleeting moments of catching up, Morgana allowed Tori and Sicily to head on inside to meet his master.

The path to Isaac was irredeemably adorable, especially once you saw Morgana’s other daughter, the adorable devilish Eevee. A few other Pokémon popped out at you, but nothing smelt as familiar as her father and the tiny Eevee to Sicily.

Isaac smiled seeing Tori and Sicily approach. He knew that the sentimental cat upstairs had most certainly enjoyed seeing Tori and his daughter again. Upon seeing a human in a wolf costume, Sicily did what any sensible cat would do and rushed forward for pets from Isaac. Vinny gave a mild smile in the direction of Tori, it was a little awkward to be in the presence of Morgana’s first mate… but she didn’t really want to bring up that topic. She approached the Nidoqueen and passed her a Rare Candy for her master.

“Tell Alex I say hi! He can stop by whenever!” Isaac smiled happily, placing Sicily down and allowing her to leave with her mother.

Tori (Alex) received x1 Rare Candy
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