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The days had grown long, but he was happy. It was the first time in a long time that he had felt so at peace with everything, away from the fame, the fans... and as far away from his old life as he could possibly muster. Was he bored? A little. He missed the action, the preforming... but in a way he had everything he had ever wanted. Well, he would like to tell himself that. Something was clearly missing, he knew what it was, but he refused to be sad about the past now. It was his stupid actions that lead to this outcome, and he had to live with that now. He had been clean for a few years now, unless someone were to group marijuana into the group with hard drugs --- but he couldn't understand why anyone would do that.

He sighed, standing by his bed. The photos of them were still strewn over his bed, he missed him, by god did he ever. But sometimes things are better left as memories, as much as he loved that blonde boy with the silly hat, he was sure he was now far better off without him. Vinny stretched on Isaac's bed, looking at him quizzically. He patted her head, he knew that she worried about him when he got upset over Kyle. He was sure she was just as upset over Kale, but the smooth tomboy that she was was certainly able to hide her feelings well. He glanced towards the side window of the house, observing the sea around him. Some people, such as his agent, always remarked about how isolated he must feel. He was all alone, water surrounding him. He loved it, he remembers all the times he told Kyle about how this was his dream. The waves laping against the rocks calmed him, they let him think and relax. Maybe that new album wasn't far off, he was thinking using the fuel of his sorrows about Kyle as the inspiration. Maybe he'd title it "Alone on the Water", he wondered if his publisher would actually allow him to work from home...

He was roused from his thoughts upon hearing his front door open slowly, he froze in place in front of his bed. Kyle had always told him to lock up, why did he never listen? It was probably some sort of crazed stalker fan, coming to steal a lock of his hair --- or maybe come at him with a gun. Vinny's fur bristled up, she jumped off the bed and ran towards the door. "Vin, no!" Isaac called, he heard her yip angrily, before giving a startled squeal before everything went silent. That's when he heard it, that damn voice.


He froze in place, was he hallucinating? There's no possible way that that could actually be him? How would he have even found him..? Vinny let out a happy squeal to her trainer, she began circling Kyle's legs like a cat that hadn't seen it's owner in several months. Isaac let out a deep breath, walking into the living room. He met Kyle's eyes, there was no anger there... not anymore, just sadness. He hated to see those green eyes looking so upset, it was something different than the day they had left each other.

"K-kyle..." He spoke, finally. His mouth shaking as he tried to form the words to say everything that his heart wanting him to. The 'I'm so sorry', 'I've missed you so much', 'You're my better half', 'I was a goddamn fool', 'I love you', etc. Instead he just stood there, too in shock to speak. "Kyle... I..." He took a step towards Kyle, curious as to why he was here --- but unsure what sort of terms he really felt he was coming on. He didn't want to overstep his boundaries, but seeing him in the flesh made all the romantic and sensual memories flood back into Isaac's mind. He took a deep breath and looked at Kyle, his lips began to form words.

"... H-how did you find me..?"
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