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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
We've never had a game which came out in Generation n and took us back to the region debuted in Generation n-1. (Though I was hoping it was going to happen in Gen 7!)
Black and White 2 take place in a new region of Unova, two years after the original title, and you have to progress through this new region before unlocking access to the original areas. That's a close parallel to the original since technically Johto and Kanto are supposed to be the same region, as evidenced by their Pokedex and Pokemon League.

That's why I had to affix the X.5 because I knew the BW2 (still Gen 5) scenario as fact, but not having played a single Gen 3 or Gen 4 game, I had no way of knowing that didn't apply to RSE/DPP. I was honestly mistaken in thinking that it was featured as part of the post-game.

I know Sinnoh and Hoenn are physically isolated from one another, but without first hand experience it's difficult to verify claims of a boat trip from Sinnoh to Hoenn without also looking at spoiler material.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Furthermore, all three of these are very clearly branded by the company -- and very well understood by most fans -- as re-releases of their original titles, not as "sequels" that "take us back to the region". There are minor narrative changes, with increasingly notability the newer the re-release, but at the end of the day it's the same story, the same world, the same game. No one looks at ORAS and goes, "Ah, we're returning to Hoenn " except in a nostalgic / poetic sense, an "Ah, my sweet, sweet Hoenn :')" from a child-turned-man who has fond memories of RuSa and has yearned for a chance to replay those games on modern hardware with modern graphics and other capabilities.
I didn't initially take the remakes into account in this discussion, but since you've brought it up I have addressed it below.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
No one, and I mean no one except for you, has ever said, "What they pulled in GSC was novel back then but now it's old hat because they've done it every single generation." What they did in GSC wasn't just "Hey, we're going back to the old region! " It was, "Hey, we're going back to the old region ... in this same game ... on this same save file ... with this same timeskip." That -- all of that -- is what made it such a big deal. The 2-in-1. The revisit after time has passed. The revisit in the shoes of a new player character with a new team of Pokémon. And that, they have never done again. It can't possibly be "old hat." It's only been done the one time.
But you do return in HGSS, so it is "old hat".

I don't really think this is arguable, either. GSC and RBY were groundbreaking; FR/LG and HGSS, not so much. It's like comparing Jurassic Park in 1993, where nobody had seen realistic CGI dinosaurs, to Jurassic World in 2015 after twenty years of movie, television, and video game exposure to unrealistic CGI chickens.

Even if Jurassic World is say, a 5-year old's first exposure to CGI dinosaurs - highly unrealistic -it's even crazier to think about how they'd go 7 years before seeing another one outside of that movie. That's how long the rest of us had to wait until Walking with Dinosaurs debut on television, when the technology became cheap enough to port onto a television program.

Even someone who willfully chose to play an unnatural "chronological" order, FR/LG, HGSS, ORAS - is going to have a less magical experience than playing RBY to GSC. GSC might be way less polished, but it came out in a completely different era modern players have no avenue for truly respecting.
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