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Our next request comes from the esteemed Talon87!

Originally Posted by Talon87
In that case ...

For the artist who wants a specific project:

Panel 1: a sleeping baby Cosmog sleeping in the dark black void of space (no stars or anything, just Cosmog)

Panel 2: zoom in on the Cosmog (maybe all we can see now is one of its closed eyes, we're zoomed in so much? I dunno. Artist, figure it out!)

Panel 3: zoom further in, we are now zoomed "inside of" Cosmog and can see nebulae and stars inside of Cosmog's body

Panel 4: zoomed further in, we see the back of a man, standing in the star-and-nebula-studded void of space like an astronaut standing in zero G. The man is Cyrus, discernible from his costume and hair style (and hair color if in color; can be B&W, it's fine, especially since this is multiple panels).

Panel 5: a black screen with only these words + quotation marks: "The birth of a new world ... a world without strife ..."

Bonus panel (in typical "after the chapter"-fashion manga simplistic style; see below explanation): Lillie saying "GET IN THE BAG, NEBBY!" with a consternation face, the open duffle bag (she can be holding it open and gesturing, it can be open on the ground and she's pointing to it, whichever!), and the second / the lower right of these two faces for Cosmog's face. Basically lifted straight out of the Sun & Moon games.

("After-the-chapter" explanation: here is one artist's normal style, followed immediately by his after-the-chapter style. If you read manga, you've probably seen this done before. Some do it, some don't. It's usually in gag or comedy mangas, and works well here ofc as a funny after-the-fact punchline to serve as a nice contrast to the "OH SHYEET :o" nature of the original panels that exist on their own.)
And it was fulfilled! By Heather! Who has this to say:

Originally Posted by Heather
Hey-o, It's time to turn in! WARNING: This is a hand-drawn image and is thus BIG MCLARGEHUGE! Like, seriously, if you want to post the image itself you might want to find one hell of a scale down tool because this is the colossal titan of images-Here's a share link if they want to see full size after!

Spoiler: show

Said the artist of her work...

So panel 5 isn't white text on black, but such is life when you're using mechanical pencil and nothing else-I think this turned out better for being hand drawn in the end. I was considering doing option 2 and drawing Red and Blue Mantine surfing (maybe with Pikachu joining in), but just drawing that chibi-style Lillie was hard enough! Regardless, I hope this satisfies!
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