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Your journey across Kanjohto has taken you to many different places and earned you some fiercely loyal allies. With their help, you've garnered a considerable number of achievements under your belt, culminating with a glorious victory over a Gym Leader!

Now in possession of the prestigious Hive Badge, as well as a boat ticket to the elusive Sevii Islands, the next chapter of your adventure begins to unfold before your eyes: your next destination will be the One Island!

At the Pokémon Center, once your Pokémon have been healed back to normal, Nurse Joy is kind to point you towards the local port. According to her, the ship you're bound to is the S.S. Progress, a massive vessel and the only one capable of making the trip from the mainland to the archipelago regularly. After preparations are completed, you thank Joy and head over to the port as instructed.

It takes you a little over twenty minutes to reach the docks on foot, and from there, locating the right ship is simple: your eyes immediately lock on a gigantic white cruiser, visibly worn from countless voyages in high-sea but sturdy-looking and no doubt reliable. It seems you're right on time too, as the last passengers are just boarding when you arrive, and a quick dash allows you to enter the ship on time. Five minutes later, you find a place on the front deck, facing the wide blue ocean, and the S.S. Progress sets sail.


The mainland now long behind you and out of sight, there is nothing but water all around you as far as the eye can see. The ocean is calm, the sun is warm and the cries of Wingull fill the afternoon air. Just as you start to relax, someone touches your shoulder.

"Heya buddy. You the one they call Big, by any chance?"

You turn to see a young man about your age, with short dark blue hair and sporting a black and light-gray sweater and matching sweatpants. He may not look like much at first, but a good Trainer knows another when they lock eyes - and this one is undoubtedly an Ace Trainer.

"Bit of a strange name if you ask me," he continues with a smile. "Compensating for something? Nah, I'm kiddin', I'm kiddin'! I'm Roy Kessler, from Castelia."

He brings two fingers to his lips and whistles; shortly afterwards, with a powerful roar, a large Drampa descends from the skies above and flies right next to the ship.

"That over there's Wulong, my oldest partner, literally," he jokes. "Sorry to bother you like this, but I heard you caused quite a commotion earlier and won a Hive Badge. The number of Trainers who managed to make it that far nowadays can be counted in one hand, y'know? I kinda... had to see what you looked like."

He chuckled, then pointed north, where an island was coming into view.

"We're both gonna take the Island Challenge, right? Who knows, maybe we end up facing each other. I'd like that, Big. Well... smell ya later, like they say in Kanto!"

He waved goodbye and went to his chamber, likely to prepare for disembarking. And you, come to think of it, should probably do the same.


The S.S. Progress finally docks at One Island port. Looking around, it's easy to see why Knot is considered the capital isle of the Sevii chain - it seems that even here, so far away from the continent and after everything that happened to the archipelago, Knot and its people endured. The port is noisy and lively, and there is a number of locations you can head to next. Remembering what Nurse Joy had told you about the various places to see in One Island, you must now choose where to go next...

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