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Big bites his lip as the Gym leader continues to give confident orders to his confused pokemon. He didn't even falter, even given the chance his pokemon couldn't hear his orders. He thinks to himself. His fists clench more and he holds his breath when the Ledyba very quickly breaks through the confusion and lands two last blows before Howard finally fells the Bug pokemon with the last Ice Beam. Big lets out his giant sigh of relief as Howard comes over to his Trainer. "Great job buddy." He says almost panting. He nods at Contesto to let the gym leader know he would be at the front of the gym soon. Once he gathers himself he recalls Howard after a good head pat heads out to meet the DJ. He gratefully accepts the badge and rewards. "Thank you, Mr. Contesto we had a great time battling you too." He says looking at the ticket. "Sevii Islands huh?" He contemplates for a minute. "I wonder if there are any interesting pokemon over there." He shakes his head. "Anyways, we will definitely have to battle again when I have a full team." He says. "But for now we should head to the pokemon center. Thanks again!" He say heading to the pokemon center to heal his pokemon and ask around about the Islands.
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