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With Contesto's Ledyba struggling with confusion, Howard finds himself in a great position to exploit it and seal victory. Tapping into a hidden power, he fires orbs of fire energy at the rattled Bug type, dealing a nasty super effective hit that leaves it reeling.

"Strengthen your resolve Ledyba! This match isn't over yet!" Contesto shouts out to his Pokemon, hoping to steer it towards success."Let's go with a Thunder Punch, then pepper it with a Swift before dealing a final blow with a final Thunder Punch!"

It seems as if it's trainer's belief has helped clear the Ledyba's mind as it zips back in towards Howard. The Psyduck is stunned as the Ledbya slams a thundering punch into his stomach, the electric typed attack deals a nasty super effective blow. While the bug is in close range though, Howard retaliates, firing a boiling hot burst of water at the Ledyba who screeches in pain. A nasty burn develops across its chest, cutting its attack stat in the process.

Despite everything seeming to go against it, the Ledyba remains in high spirits, firing a cluster of star like projectiles that have Howard stumbling backwards. The Psyduck now finds himself at the edge of the platform, with a rebounding Ledyba coming straight at him, electricity surrounding one of its feet. Narrowing his eyes, Howard let out a jagged beam of ice energy. The energy lanced straight toward the Ledyba, striking it head and causing it to crash into the platform. It remained still and unmoving, Howard slowly made his way over to the Bug type and checked to be certain, it was unconscious!

"Ledyba is unable to continue. That means the challenger Big is victorious!" Tiffany holds up the flag, signalling your victory.

Brittany, Clara and Howard gained 2 levels

"Congratulations Big, you fought incredibly well", DJ Contesto recalled his Ledyba, "meet me at the front of your gym and I will give you what you deserve."

Recalling Howard, you quickly race back to the front of the gym, eager to be awarded your first gym badge. Contesto is waiting there for you, a grin on his face. He holds out a badge for you, as well as a TM."Here you go Big, the Hive Badge as a symbol of your victory and the TM Silver Wind." Digging into his pocket, Contesto pulled out what appeared to be a boat ticket and some money."$6000 and if you take this boat ticket to the local port they will take you to do the island challenges at the Sevii Islands. . I haven't looked into it much myself yet, but I'm sure someone there will be able to give you more information. It was great meeting you Big, don't be a stranger, you're welcome back any time."

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