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With Contesto's Sewaddle dispatched, you celebrate the small victory while keeping the larger one in mind, it wasn't time to get ahead of yourself. This Beedrill looked far more threatening than the Sewaddle had, it was time to change things up and cover your bases. Holding up your Pokeball you recall Clara, a red light envelops the Vulpix and pulls her back into the ball to rest. You quickly select Brittany's Pokeball from your belt and toss it out to meet the Beedrill. The Foongus spins around as she lands on the platform, displaying a small amount of flare as she eyes off her opponent.

"Another quick change, I sense a lack of faith perhaps? Or maybe you're just a strategist? Either way there is no escaping our fury." DJ Contesto refused to falter, the edgy change in music seemed to support him.

The Beedrill zooms in towards Brittany, making a literal beeline towards the Foongus as ground energy begins to spin around its stingers. It drives through its target, sending Brittany tumbling backwards, luckily coming to a stop as she nears the edge of the platform. As the Beedrill attempts to arc back around she quickly retaliates, expelling a cloud of glistening gold spores. The Beedrill shakes violently as the spores enter its system, stunning and paralysing the Bug type.

With her opponent slowed by the spores, Brittany looks to extend her advantage as she begins to spin. Rock energy forms around her as she approaches the Beedrill head on. A sudden change in speed and direction sends her flying into the air, slamming into the Beedrill for an astonishing super effective strike. The Beedrill doesn't appear to be phased too much by the attack, likely due to its relatively low power but it also doesn't seem to have resulted in a flinch. The Beedrill takes some time to focus its energy, seemingly glistening as it becomes much more threatening. The matchup seemed fairly level so far, both sides had landed some damage, the Beedrill was paralyzed but it was also now capable of exploiting your weaknesses.

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