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Despite her decreased special attack, Clara seems determined to push on, the fading of the light screen beneficial to her cause. As the Sewaddle finishes its recovery technique, Clara bathes it in another wave of scalding heat. The bug type winces in pain, its leaves appear singed and despite having just healed itself it seems doubtful that it could hold on for much longer.

"Strike swiftly Sewaddle, Air Slash again if you would, then use your bolstered speed to sink another Air Slash into them."

Sewaddle's head leaf lights up once more as it swings its head around, sending another powerful blade of wind slashing through the air. It slams into Clara, almost knocking her off of the platform in the process. She quickly scrambles back to her feet as the Sewaddle is on her again, preparing to strike another devastating blow. However as it goes to attack, its mind loses focus, courtesy of the confusion Clara inflicted. This falter gives Clara the perfect opportunity to put an end to this match up. She lets loose another powerful wave of heat. The Sewaddle attempts to stand strong against it but is eventually overcome and slumps down on the platform, unconscious.

"Sewaddle is unable to battle!" Tiffany raises the her left arm, signalling Clara to be the winner of the match up, "DJ Contesto, your next Pokemon please."

"Alas, great effort Sewaddle", DJ Contesto has a somber look on his face. Suddenly he goes from somber to smiling as the beat suddenly changes, becoming much more aggressive and upbeat. "Now you must face the fury! Beedrill, prepare to drive through them!"

Contesto sends another Pokeball flying through the air, it bursts open and releases a bright yellow beedrill into the arena. It darts through the air, jabbing with its glistening stingers, it looks to be rather powerful.

"Great them with no kindness Beedrill, show them why you should be feared! Drill Run then Focus Energy"

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