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Vibrant and colourful, the festival was truly a sight to behold, as Liawe arrived. Water wasn't quite her strongest suit, so she delayed heading straight for the boats in favour of exploring the sides, glad she had left most of the squad in the capable care of Caeda. It was nice when she wasn't having to babysit her squad around the festival, she could actually enjoy it. All she had with her was Tantei napping away in her backpack, although with all the food smells he'd surely be awakening soon. She was also carrying her little Larvesta, who was content to watch the world for now, but no troublemakers. Nothing could go wrong, could it?

Meandering through the stalls, Liawe was soon greeted by a veritable bombardment of sights and sounds, and soon some gifts followed. First, a small red envelope containing some cash, which she quickly pocketed, and then a Net Ball, which she gratefully accepted. They always did look kind of cool, although Liawe wasn't quite sure when she'd have need of it. Sooner or later, most likely. As she stowed it in her bag, she then wandered back out to the waterside, where she sat and watched the boats float by. It was at this point that her Pokemon hopped out of the bag and sat with her, before Tantei scampered off in search of dinner. Picking the little Fairy up, Liawe laughed as she wandered to one of the various snack places, before settling down with a zongzi that she likely butchered the pronunciation of. Tantei seemed to like it at least, although Liawe found it a little too sweet for her tastes and ended up leaving it, only for something to smash into what remained at significant velocity, The Crimson Fandango earning his name in a mad dash to secure dinner. The little bug seemed chuffed with his efforts, as he nommed what was left of Liawe's dinner, while Tantei finished his own. The little firebrand wasn't quite finished though. Even as Liawe made to leave the festival, he still managed to secure one last treat for him and his Trainer: An Odd Incense that had intrigued him upon their arrival that was being distributed, and now courtesy of a sly String Shot, was stashed inside the bag along with them as Liawe returned to camp. Talk about an unwelcome surprise...

[Claiming my Ł500, Net Ball, Odd Incense and Zongzi, which was fed to Tantei the Dedenne to teach him MT Signal Beam.]
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