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Hugo always enjoyed the Fizzytopian Festivals. Not only did it give everyone a chance to celebrate, but it gave Hugo a chance to learn something new about the rich, deep culture that surrounded him. So often did it get overlooked, he was happy to see all the people showing their appreciation.

Given that it was a festival of dragons, Hugo felt it was only appropriate to allow his two dragon types join in the celebration. Tyrunt and Jangmo-o trotted happily alongside Hugo, taking in the sights and nipping at each other as siblings tend to do.

“What did I tell you guys? If there was any fighting, we would turn around and go home. Do I make myself clear?”

Jangmo-o nodded in understanding. Tyrunt, being the little hothead that he was, pouted and eyed Hugo angrily. He wanted to have fun and he wanted to have fun now.

Suddenly, the tiny t-rex took off running into the crowd. “GET BACK HERE!” Hugo yelled, but to no avail. He sighed heavily and, along with Jangmo-o, gave chase.

The crowd was heavy and it was hard to maneuver through without being rude, but if Hugo didn’t want to lose Tyrunt forever, he would have to throw decorum out the door. He barreled through the crowd, red and yellow flying in all directions.

“Tyrunt! Tyrunt come back!” But the mass of people and Pokemon proved to be too much. Hugo sat down on a bench, tired and frustrated. Jangmo-o climbed up next to him, trying to cheer him by gently nudging his trainer with his head crest. Hugo placed his hand on the Dragon-type’s head in appreciation, but it was no use. Tyrunt was gone and Hugo was very sad.

The air was thick with the smell of food. One aroma was particularly enticing to Jangmo-o, the sweet smell of zongzi. He turned his head instinctively toward the source, and there he saw it. Tyrunt, standing on a concession stand counter, an older Chinese woman happily petting its scaly head.

Jangmo-o tried to get Hugo’s attention, but he was having none of it. He nudged and prodded him, but Hugo was too caught up in his own emotion. Finally, Jangmo-o smacked Hugo across the back with his tail with a huge THWAP!

“OW! What was that for?!”

Jangmo-o motioned toward the stand with his head. Hugo leapt to his feet and two dashed over to to the concession stand.

“Where have you been?! You had me worried sick!”

Tyrunt gave Hugo a “dude, what is your deal” type of look. Clearly, he wasn’t as concerned.

“Oh is this your Tyrunt?” asked the lady at the stand.

“Yes, I’m so sorry if he’s bothering you,” replied Hugo.

“No trouble at all! We were having a wonderful time! He just ate one of my zongzi! He sure seems to enjoy them!” she stated, cheerily.

“Yes, yes. He’s a real charmer, this one. Well, I appreciate you looking after him for me. We need to be going though. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

The Royal Heir hopped down non-chalantly as if nothing had happened.

“Don’t you ever do that again! Do you understand me?!” He frustratedly turned and began to walk away, the two dragons in tow. Tyrunt looked to Jangmo-o, his smelling of the delicious zongzi, and gave him an arrogant glance that said “Jealous?”

Jangmo-o responded by slamming Tyrunt into a nearby trashcan with Dragon Tail.

“THAT’S IT!” Hugo shouted angrily. “WE’RE OUT OF HERE!”


1x Zongzi (feeding it to Tyrunt who learned MT Draco Meteor)
1x Net Ball
1x Odd Incense
1x Hangbao with $500

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