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The derelict castle stands all around, sparse light trickling down to illuminate the surroundings with an eerie glow fitting of the stature. Tumbled pieces of rock lay strewn all around, the central water piece seemingly the only feature to have escaped the erosion of time by some brilliant miracle. Without warning, the crumbling rocks tumble downwards, and two figures manage to make their way into the courtyard, their scheduled coming together imminent now. Walking to their respective places, they produce their Poke Balls in silence, the unspoken respect transmitted between the two permeating the air. A flourish later and the dank light is chased away, consumed by purest light. With two figures coming into view, one takes to the skies, while the other rests on the ground, turning her gaze to follow her foe.

Wasting no time, Amatsukaze cheers daintily as she begins to rise into the air, bringing her pale white wings crashing through the air. Despite her awkward motions, a churning turbulence fills the arena, currents coming together to form a compact vortex of wind before the Togekiss. With a small cry, she sends the construct churning towards Kir, who hunkers down to withstand the blow. Thrusting her arms apart to dispel the trailing vestiges of the attack, she engulfs each of her spoons in a brilliant pink glow, intensifying the gravity of the surroundings and causing Amatsukaze to be jerked from the air. Remaining barely a foot above the the ground, the Togekiss once again sends a churning wind towards her foe, this time small blades concealed within the blast nicking at the body of Kir, but she remains determined. Rushing forwards with a dogged mindset, she engulfs her right fist in a fine aura of cyan energies, lancing out and crashing the blow into the back of her foe.

Little separates them in both distance and health right now, and both remain pretty peppy. Ice at half for Kir.
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