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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You feel guilty about what just happened to those poor, poor Finneon. But Bagon's panting interrupts your thoughts and brings you back to the present. That's right -- the Krakiwhozawhatsit. According to the letter there's some terrible beast in this maze with you and if you don't find a way out fast you're done for. You don't have time to stand here feeling sorry for yourself or for the Finneon: you've got to get across to the other side and press onward. You walk over to Bagon, pull him into a hug, and commend him for a job well done. Then, you retire the tuckered-out dragon to his PokéBall before heading over to the ledge and, turning around and kneeling on the ground, scootching your legs down off of the edge and feeling around with the tips of your toes for good footing. You find it and prepare for the scariest bit: you push yourself a bit more off of the ledge, now having to hold yourself up by the strength of your fingers clutching the ledge. Adrenaline coursing through your veins, you grip tightly to the edge of the stony white bricks and lower your left foot out of the crevice it had been tucked into, hunting for a new foothold somewhere slightly beneath. Finding it, you move your right foot in to join it. And then ... you release your grip in your left hand and bring it down to the highest "rung" of the ladder. Then you bring your right hand down in the same manner. And then you move your left foot down again to a new rung. It's just like climbing down any other ladder, only this time, you're 60 feet above the ground trapped inside of a maze with some mysterious beast that's coming for you. Torchic hops off of the ledge and flutters down to the ground -- gravity proves too strong for the little chick to fly alongside you but she is able to slow her descent by furiously beating her tiny wings as fast as she can. Like a little fuzzy parachute of red and orange, she lands safely on the bottom of the chamber while you're still twenty meters up. You can hear her cheering you on as you cautiously, steadily make your descent. Your fingers are moist with the slime of the algae growing into many of the footholds and you grip tightly to the rocky indentations to make sure you don't slip. After about five minutes, you make your way down to the chamber floor.

There's no time to explore: you have to begin the ascent immediately. The air is damp and smells of algae as you make your way over to the other ladder. And as you plant your feet into the bottommost foothold it hits you: the ascent is going to be much tougher than the descent. You look down at Torchic who looks back up at you inquisitively.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
Alice stopped at the foot of the ladder and stared upwards. She liked the gym. She liked grueling five hour sessions at the gym by the Fizzy Bubbles shops, powerwalking on the treadmill and stretching and lifting weights and various gymmy things. It had made her fit. But the lazy, procrastinating, sometimes overdramatic girl felt that nothing was going to prepare her for this.

"You know, I bet if that thing ate me, it'd be far less painful than this."
"Torchic, tor..."
Alice sighed.
"Why didn't I just get Swinub out to freeze the water? Just a bridge. I would have been fine. And not having to climb this effing ladder."
The bird imitated her sigh with her, and finally, the adventurer made a solid decision to try and climb. "I need a Pokemon with Vine Whip. Anyway. Can you Bounce up ahead of me? And cheer with pom poms? Yes, great. Thank you."

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