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You are a little unsettled by the homeless man, but, decide to try and make your way to the Marriott Hotel. Though you have never been good with following directions and being able to understand maps was pitiful at best, you are able to follow signs at least. You make it to the Marriott Hotel with no real surprises along the way. No Sharks, rabid animals, or UFO's to be seen. Gaspard squeaks in joy as he see the hotel, and give a sigh of relief. Now, you will finally be able to get some rest.

You walk into the Marriott Hotel lobby, and see the attendant behind the counter on the other side of the lobby. He was a man in his later forties, with one of those wispy mustaches that you might seen on a man with a place in society. A man in position. Because an important man without a mustache is hardly an important man at all. You walk up to him, and he greets you with a smile. You ask him if he could book you a room for tonight, as you are pretty tuckered out from exploring the city. "Well, I am sorry to say, but we are completely booked up for the night." You are pretty sure you heard your jaw smack the floor in shock. Booked? What horrible luck. You ask what people could be in Palermo with all the weird things happening. "You know, that is precisely what I said myself. A lot of the folks here came for that stuff, you know, the UFO's and aliens and all the rubbish. Personally, I don't believe it the works of aliens. I do, however, believe in the Sharks and the criminal deeds they are doing, and also in the weird abductions that have been occurring. I would love to get you a room, but sadly, every room here is booked."

The news hits you hard. But, what seems to affect you more is the fact that the attendant repeated the same story as the homeless guy, albeit without the UFOs and the aliens. You ask him if there are any other hotels in the town that you could stay at. "Well, that is the thing son. This is the only one in the modern town. There are others, but they are all in neighborhoods that the Sharks have control over. You can try and get a room there, but, let me warn you, you might not come out unharmed. I think that I might be able to let you sleep in the lobby. It would be much worse if I were to force you into the streets at night. If you decide to leave, I can write down some directions on how to get to the nearest hotel from here. It is quite a walk, but, it is not too bad for Shark hotels." You think for a little while on what to do. On one hand, you could try and get to a hotel in a Shark neighborhood. It would be better that sleeping in the lobby of the hotel. But, could you risk an encounter with the Sharks, or something even worse than that? Or....there is the homeless guy. You know, you have no idea why you though of that. Stupid.

You are confused again, but, more frightened than before. You can choose to stay in the hotel lobby and wait until morning. You could try your hand at a hotel in Shark neighborhood. But, there IS that homeless guy, although what he could do is beyond you.

What will you do?
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