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Charizard Into the city of Palermo....

Originally Posted by uhhhhh View Post
"Hmmm, which way should I go from here...? Gaspard, what do you think?"

Connor had been looking at the map he was holding for a while now. He didn't know where exactly he wanted to go today in this huge city. Plus the fact that he often gets lost due to his poor sense of direction, the photographer was literally going in circles, not aware of the fact that he been walking on the same road for the seventh time in a row now this morning. Gaspard, who was holding on to Connor's shoulder as usual, looked at the map and shrugged at his trainer, "Aipom, aipopom," he simply just said, having no clue as to where to go next either. Connor sighed. "Man, this place is so big... there's also so many things to do here and loads of places to take good photos too... I don't know where to start!" he said to his partner. Connor then folded his map, and tucked it away in his bag, proving it to be useless to him.

"Well, no matter. Let's just look around shall we, Gaspard? It's not like we're in a hurry anyway," he said to his Aipom who nodded and gave him his signature toothy grin, "Ai-ai!" and thus the duo continued on into the big city, hopefully finding something interesting to do.
You and your Aipom have just come in to the large city called Palermo. The city shows its influences of the Italian migrations, as old rustic houses often line the streets, and your nose is bombarded by the smells and your eyes engorged with the colors of the city. In the center of the city is the blooming service sector, with the beginnings of some big town influences, with skyscrapers and modern office buildings. You were excited to come here, but, the big cities also have their big deal of problems as well.

You find yourself completely lost despite having a map right next to you. You can't seem to make heads or tails of the streets in this town, you might as well be reading Greek for that matter. Your Aipom seems concerned and worried, as you wander around aimlessly. You find plenty of good photo taking opportunities, but, you really hope for some food and a warm bed to sleep in. You soon come across a park, and, seeing this as good a time as ever, go to a bench some distance off to get off your feet and take a rest. On your way to the bench, someone calls out to you. "Hey kid!" You freeze for a moment, wondering if the person was calling out to you or not. "Yeah, you kid! Come here for a second!" You turn around for a second, and look at the person who was calling you. He was a young man, probably in his middle teens. He had baggy jeans on and a dirty T-shirt on. He looked like he hadn't showered in weeks, and, you guessed, probably was down on his luck and was living in the park. You hesitate about going towards him, but, you are confident with your Aipom at your side, you will be fine.

You walk up towards the man, who doesn't move and does not try to jump at you. "You seem a little lost kid. Don't worry, I'll help you out a little bit. Do you happen to have a light on you?" You shake your head no, a lighter is the one thing you don't pack for trips. "And no huh? Too bad. Really could have used one so that I could keep warm. It is still Autumn, but half the time, it feels like the goddamn winter, you know? Anyways, I can tell that you are new kid and I feel like helping you out a bit. What is it that you want to know kid?" You tell him that for right now, you would want to know where the nearest hotel is, and, what is the biggest tourist site is. "All, okay. That's easy enough. The closest hotel is the Marriott on Seagram Street. That is your second left on this street, and, a little way on your right. For the biggest tourist sites, just check in the modern parts of the city. You can see the new capital and there are probably a couple of museums and stuff around there. You know how these new cities are and their museums huh?" You thank him for the info, and begin to walk away when he speaks up again. "So eager to leave eh? Well, let me tell you one more thing. Weird things have been happening as of late. Animals at night are becoming violent and aggressive. UFO's have been spotted outside of town. But the night is most dangerous. People go missing and stuff. Plus, the Sharks roam around. They were just a local gang till a little while ago, but now, they practically own some parts of town. Definitely not a group of people you want to mess around with too much kid. Just get to the hotel, and stay off the streets at night okay. Kids like you, got to be careful." You thank him again, and walk away. You think you hear a fire starting, but that is impossible. You take a small look back and see indeed that the man has started a fire. He sees you and just smiles. You remark about how strange things seem to be, and walk away, making your way to the hotel. You hope the things the guy said were not true. Otherwise, your stay might not be so nice after all.

You are puzzled, worried, and for once not too lost. Nothing seems out of the ordinary at the moment, other than fires that start up by themselves. What will you do?
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