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Originally Posted by McSweeney View Post
There are conflicting studies on whether the death penalty prevents murder or not, but the general consensus seems to be that it doesn't. See this for example:

That's not conclusive proof of anything because maybe states without the death penalty have lower murder rates simply because they're more pleasant places, but most criminologists don't think the death penalty helps in any way. The simple reason is that most criminals don't believe that they're going to get caught. Let's face it, the reason why states/countries have the death penalty isn't for deterrence. It's because they want vengeance.

Humans are not motivated or deterred by the size of the punishment (up to a point) - the real question in our minds is "how likely are we to get caught?"

Your chances of getting caught speeding go up if there's a cop car nearby, so you slow down - don't want to get a ticket, even a $10 ticket! If your car could detect speeding and you would then receive a ticket in the mail, speeding would disappear completely overnight.

Cutting down on roadway deaths often involves just putting more officers on the road. If you see a cop car, you go slower because you don't want to get punished.
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