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Alright, full answer.

I consider all life sacred, even automaton-like insects. Though there is a general hierarchy of vertebrates > invertebrates > plants > microbes. But there's no around it at times. Everytime you swallow you're probably killing some environmental microrganisms. Your immune system has to kill septic bacterial for you to survive. And you need animal protein to now have your own body break down.

Looking at this from the extreme religious POV - Commandment #5, "thou shalt not kill" - it applies to everything, not just "murder" or whatever that the Protestants twist it as. Given the audience of the ten commandments, it clearly refers to murder, but I don't think God was big on retrospective original intent. He spoke for the ages. The spirit of the law needed to be always upheld because God uses metaphors, so people of today following the commandments can't use the Sinai context when applying those rules to their own lives. So, in today's terms, unnecessary killing, to the eventuality of all killing, becomes sinful.

In that sense I don't make a distinction between killing for pleasure or for food. I don't have strong opinions against cannibalism, though I do have a ritual respect of the dead. Killing is bad under all circumstances. But, someone who kills for pleasure is a problem in my book, because they're killing more than someone who kills only for food.

So do I not make a sapience distinction? In sharp contrast to Talon, I think being sentient is a responsibility. Dumb animals or automatons by default at innocently, according to their own programming. They're completely incapable of evil or knowledge of wrongdoing. But the more intelligent animals, that exhibit a capacity for empathy and sadism, the more onerous the burden to demonstrate a respect for life. Sentient animals that refuse to value life, in my view, forfeit their right to life.

I don't have any qualms about barbecuing murderers in electric chairs or cutting up killer whales into steaks. Or, fighting terrorists and violent insurgents. If it's sinful to kill these creatures, by doing so you're preventing them from killing far more.

Additionally, if given two options, it is morally correct (sinless) to pick the option that involves the least killing, and the l until the day when options exist for foods that don't involve killing at all. That is only a dream, but I think sacrificing plants over animals is a lesser evil, so things like lab meat and Impossible Meat are things I support wholeheartedly.
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