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Originally Posted by kusari View Post
My card access is pretty wide. My friend is one of the dedicated competitive players that spends a good amount of money on plenty cards so I've got a decent collection to choose from. I'm just dreading the inevitable "lol everyone uses Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbits".

Nice, I wish I had that kind of card access, but, at least I have DN and YVD.

>Implying I haven't already decided to dig my old Yugi Halloween costume and duel disk out of storage, wear them to the tourney and call out everything melodramatically
lol, That'd be awesome.

Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Decided to give that OP deck more shots. Unownmew successfully destroyed it by using his field spell that removed my cards from play and breaking down my wall. The second time I dueled him with it, this happened on the second turn.

My first and only OTK on DN... it was... bloody >_>
A total slaughterhouse.

Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Lol, well it just got three turned killed by him in another duel because I drew TERRIBLE cards, and had no monsters out. So, very hit or miss.
Yeah, And I even had a relatively bad hand that game too. I had absolutely no resistance that time.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
I think some of you codfish should dare to challenge BBB now. His main deck when from decent to based brawler. I'm 0-4 in my last four duels against him since he upgraded it. And remember, I run Stardust. It's personified mass destruction.

I've even under the effects of losing a Punishment Game to him. D:
I'll take that challenge! I'm pretty confident with my new Books of Spell deck. If that fails, I'm sure my Thorn of Rosen Yubel can bog it down in Nightmare Pain.
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