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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
There's almost no point in even fielding a One Of card in any TCG where the opponent can field 2+ cancellation cards. Never mind just how many trap cards there are which, in one way or another, would screw Monster Reborn over. "Cancel target magic card," "Magic cards can't be played this turn," "Monsters can't be summoned from the graveyard this turn," "Any time a monster with 2000 or greater ATK points is summoned directly to the field, send it to the graveyard," etc. I'm just making a lot of these technicalities up off the top of my head, but you know what I'm saying: there's little point in fielding one Monster Reborn card when your opponent'll probably have 5+ different cards in his deck that, one way or another, make it worthless. You'd want at least 2 of the card to have a snowball's chance in hell of getting it to work. Preferably two in hand.
God, this so hard. I grew accustomed to Monster Reincarnation, because it was more fair (puts the monster back in your hand instead), but I still feel like any half decent player has more than enough cards that can stop the good stuff right away. Or, if they're smart, save them for the bad stuff, like Raigeki and Reborn.

What about Sangan and that Witch of the Black Forest or whatever her name was? (The Exodia Fetch Cards.) Are those illegal still? Last I heard they were either banned or restricted to One Of per deck.
I heard they were limited but looking at the official list (which will probably change tomorrow), Sangan is Limited and Witch is banned. Looking at this list now, I find this REALLY funny, as someone who hasn't seen a single new card since 07, it looks like almost none of these are new. I recognize just about all of them, which means they must have stopped making OP cards altogether...

I see Butterfly Dagger - Elma is still banned. That card + Magical Marionette = instant win with ∞ attack points. My friend ran that deck back in the day.

Oh god, speaking of terrifying decks: Tsukoyomi (banned) + Thousand Eyes Restrict (also banned). I ran into that combo in the GenCon tourney in Indy back in 05. It was frightening. Basically, Thousand Eyes gets to control an opponents monster when flipped up, and then when flipped down, the monster is destroyed. Tsukoyomi allowed the opponent to flip Thousand Eyes up and down over and over again in the same turn, making it impossible to ever have a monster on the field.

I remember another OP combo too, but forgot how it worked... Yata Garasu + Sinister Serpent. Let's see... *checks*, YUP, BOTH banned. Wow.

Nostalgiaing hard right now.

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