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Originally Posted by Raptor Jesus View Post
I never played YGO in my life, but when I used to hang out at my local hobby shop, whenever my friends would start playing and someone attacked the other or something, I would shout stuff from the show like, "OBELISK! OBLITERATE!" or if I was closer to the person using a trap card, I would shout "YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD!" and in the opposite scenario, I would shout, "OH NOOOO!" and mimic the beeping as the points dropped like in the show.

Sometimes they would laugh. Sometimes, when someone was losing really bad, they would even threaten me. Either way, I had fun.
Oh. I see. You were "that guy".

I knew a lot of people like you. It was funny. For a while. Then you want to punch them in the face and burn every copy of every episode of the anime.

*slow clap*
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