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It's time to D-D-D-D-DDDDUEL


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Muyo requested keeping Yu-Gi-Oh card discussion in it's own thread. I probably won't talk much about it but here it is. If you play now are just want to share "war stories", post them here.

I like to take the chance to brag about my mad skeelz I had in YGO because it was one of the only things I ever was really good at.

I had a pretty decent beatdown deck that was my main focus for tournaments and such. I've won about six local tocal tournaments that always had 60+ attendees, and one time was an incredibly epic battle for first place. I was up against a guy who was a state champ. He used some crazy combo to up his Ultimate Baseball Kid's attack to something insane like 10,000 ATK points. It was a continuous trap card combo, too. There were about 20 people gathered around the table watching... it was very surreal. I was about to be skullfucked to Jupiter and back, as he was literally only one turn away from ending the game. I drew my card, praying for a miracle, LETTING THE HEART OF THE CARDS GUIDE ME, and when I lifted it all of the damn kids behind me went absolutely apeshit.

Fucking Jinzo. I don't remember what it was, but there were other cards in my hand that were useless before, but suddenly they all worked with him as a combo. Summoned that fucker, equipped a few spells to up his attack, ended the game. It was the most surreal thing I'd ever experienced as horribly depressing and hilarious as that sounds.

I went on to meet the world champ of 2005 twice at different events, and played and defeated the SJC Columbus 2005 champion at a state tourney. Funny thing is, that match was fucking awesome, because I beat him two out of three games (when he lost he grabbed his deck really quickly and power-walked out of the convention room like a sore loser), but it wasn't very memorable because it was just me and him in the corner of the room and no one was watching.

Stopped playing YGO shortly after the Cyber Dragons got their own group of monster cards.

Baseball kid gets 1000 attack for every fire monster on the field. He ran a fire deck and had 5 monsters on his field. He then had a continuous trap that made all of monsters fire type, including mine, too. To top it off, his baseball kid was equipped with a spell that allowed to him attack life points directly, but he had to wait x turns before he could.

That was the combo. A damn good one, too. Then Jinzo comes in and shits all over it and I don't remember how but I wiped the game in two turns following.

To answer kusari, I was a user of staples/meta cards, such as Raigeki, among quite a few others that escape me right now because I don't remember which ones, back in the day.


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