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Round Three
Koi: Hoping to counter the speedy slug's recent boost, Zin gets low and anticipates the oncoming slug, looking to perform a Low Sweep. As Gertrude charges in, he's surprisingly able to make his play, but it occurs as she hits him with a Body Slam - while damage is dealt and her speed is presumably lowered, it does not matter in the slightest as the Machop finds himself pinned under nearly double his weight in lava slug. The Slugma presses down - and at this point, there really is no avoiding a burn, which flares to life on his chest. Zin, understandably, freaks, struggling his way out from under Gertrude without too much further exposure, leaving him a bit shocked as Gertrude plops down. She's not done, though, as she Curses up, getting rid of any speed advantage she might have had as well as giving her a nice physical double boost. However, Zin, still in shock, half-heartedly uses Mud-Slap, but it hardly does anything, barely even obscuring her vision.

Koi: A bad round for Zin, not in terms of damage (though there was some) but in terms of the foiled plans and awful burn.
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