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Round One
Quark: WHO AM I? Let's go the BEECH BEECH...

Spoiler: show

Koi: We join our heroes seaside today, out here for some sun and sand on this beautiful day at the Beach Arena. Today we have a former LO and returning vet, Concept, who will be leading with Fleetwood the now-Sentret (sans horrible sig). Facing him is one of those transient members, MCXD, who has shown a Machop named Zin as his first choice. We get moving right along, wasting no time!

Koi: Zin is the first to move, racing across the sand with a fist balled up, ready to swing a Power-Up Punch at the little ferret. However, Fleetwood quickly kicks up a bit of wet sand as a Mud-Slap, filling the Machop's eye with a glob of sand. Zin takes an uncertain swing, the attack only just grazing Fleetwood. The Machop is quite distracted by the moist, gritty lump obscuring his vision, pausing for a bit to try to get it off his eyes. In the meantime, Fleetwood goes about executing his orders, Passing the Baton off to another Pokémon.

Quark: The ol' bait-n-switch, I see.

Koi: Meanwhile, Zin finishes clearing his eyes, and while they're still burning, he's able to see for the most part. But when his sight is restored, he sees that his opponent has now transmogrified (at least from his perspective) - what was a Sentret is now Gertrude the Slugma. Perplexed by this sudden development, Zin figures it's best to wait for more orders before confronting this new Pokémon.

Koi: This first round resulted in only a small bit of damage exchanged, though Zin is probably worse off. His accuracy will be a bit lowered for the next round as his eyes flush out any remaining sand and though he received a boost from the punch, it might not matter much against his new opponent.
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