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In Generation VI, fans speculated about the Johto starters receiving Mega Evolutions. In Gen VII, it's Alolan forms, for them and for a number of other Johtomons.

But did you know that in the trailer last month announcing Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Virtual Console they planted an Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon Easter Egg? If you look carefully at the middle part of the trailer, when we're inside the Ruins of Alph, the letters along the top of the chamber repeat "ULTRA SUN" and "ULTRA MOON". You can see the entire room here, though the letters are most legible in the picture above.

This could mean absolutely nothing. It could be a simple marketing ploy to generate hype for USUM.

Or it could mean that there is a likely connection between USUM and GSC. A connection between the regions? A connection between their stories? Maybe even the Alolan Johto Pokémon that fans have been clamoring for?

Spoiler: show
A few weeks ago, I wrote up a post in which I discussed Game Freak's flirtation with committing our franchise's canon to one embroiled with alternate realities. It's a trend that you could say has been there since the very beginning, but it's most prominently come to the fore in the two most recent outings, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and Sun & Moon. Now that I've seen this hidden clue in the trailer for Gold and Silver on the Virtual Console, I have to wonder ...

... Do they plan to use alternate realities as a means by which to explain away Whitney's captaincy of the Normal-type Gym in Gold and Silver? :o After all, the Fairy type didn't really upend anyone's gym rosters in Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kanto ... But in Johto, we had a girl whose entire gym was modeled around a certain Normal type on her team:

Previously, my thinking had been that this was part of the reason why Game Freak was pushing so hard for VC re-releases of the older games, rather than flirting with the fanbase and delivering us newer versions of FRLG and HGSS. After all, they can't keep on remaking the past games forever. Not with the continual addition of new generations making the problem exponentially difficult to manage. But even if they could remake the older games forever, and even if they wanted to, Whitney's gym presents a rather curious problem for the development team: how do we work around the fact that her gym is modeled after a Pokémon that is no longer one type but her signature Pokémon is only that type? I'm speaking, of course, about Clefairy and Miltank. Clefairy has become mono-Fairy, while Miltank remains mono-Normal. You can't rebrand Whitney as a Fairy specialist when Miltank's her signature Pokémon ... But you can't very well axe Clefairy from her team either when her very gym is famously patterned after it!

Will they argue that GSC takes place in one timeline where mankind had not identified a "Fairy type" as a separately-existing creature type ... while "Neo HGSS" will take place in a second, different timeline where mankind has figured this out and Whitney now either lacks Clefairy (because she's the Normal-type Gym Leader and because Miltank is her signature Pokémon) or else she lacks Miltank (because she's reborn as a Fairy-type Gym Leader whose signature Pokémon is Clefairy)?

All of that stated, I think the likeliest outcome predicted by the Unown text is that we're going to get Alolan forms of Johto Pokémon in USUM. It seems awfully strange that all of the Alolan forms are of Kanto Pokémon; a lot of Johto Pokémon frankly suck :\ and could use the second shot at greatness that an Alolan form can provide; and Johto has quite the footprint in Alolan cities and architecture, from Malie City and its very Kyoto-esque feel to Heahea City and its oddly specific history as a city "founded long ago by Trainers from the Kanto and Johto regions" and no other region.
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