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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been announced with a release date set for November 17th, 2017.


The trailer confirmed there will be new Pokemon in Alola, and hinted at the possibility of new Alola forms. It also showed off what appeared to be a Necrozma-fused Solgaleo and Lunala, as well as new Z-Moves.

What has been revealed in the trailer so far is totally fine for open discussion, but we have agreed we will be enacting UPN's prior spoiler policy once again. Until Nov. 17th, please follow the following rules:

Do not post Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon spoilers in your avatar or signature. From here on out, any discussions, images, Corocoro leaks, trailers, etc. should remain in this thread.

Like always, if you break these rules, you will receive a warning. Anything further will result in punishment up to mod and admin discretion, up to and including bans.

This has been a message from the No-Fun Police. We appreciate your cooperation!

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