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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Ivan gently places his phone down on the counter in front of him in order to give you his full attention as you explain what happened to Furfrou. He was a bit disappointed that you clearly weren’t picking up the signals he was throwing down or at least you weren’t returning them if you did. As much as he would like for your relationship to progress, he couldn’t help but feel serious concern for the Furfrou that you described. “You have a very beautiful name Alice, it’s a name I certainly won’t be forgetting.” He then stands up and walks toward one of the windows on the cabin to look out at the rolling hills in every direction. “I haven’t heard anything about the Furfrou but if she is out there right now, I can’t deny that there is a chance she ran into trouble.” Turning away from the window he looks back at you. “You see, Skiddo are generally very docile and calm so seeing one as frustrated as the one outside appears to be has us rangers concerned. My partner Joe left earlier to see if he could find anything unusual that might have caused the Pokemon distress but he hasn’t returned and I need to stay here just in case trainers such as yourself stop by.”

Every time Ivan pauses his sentence, the sound of Skiddo ramming into the cabin is pretty hard to miss. A bit of frustration shows on his face as he isn’t sure what exactly he can do in this situation and it’s clear you have a very pressing concern at the moment. “I really wish I could help you, I hate seeing a woman in distress but I’m not really able to leave this cabin at the moment. However, if I do see the Furfrou I will definitely do everything in my power to make sure it receives the medical treatment that it needs. Right now, you might have better luck with asking my partner who is actually out there. I can’t tell you exactly where he is because I’m not sure about his exact location but, he did head to the east when he left.” After he is done telling you the only thing he can come up with he jogs back around the counter and grabs his phone, holding it out to you. “How about we exchange numbers? You know, this way if I hear about Furfrou I can contact you.” He gives you another one of those perfect smiles again as he waits for you to input your number into his phone.
This bitch. Laughing inwardly, although tempted outwardly, this actual bitch. Alice's lips quirked, and while she did enjoy being flirted with and adored, she still found this kind of creepy and unnerving. Honestly, the trainer was made up of oxymorons. She was both naive and cynical, flirtatious and shy to the point of literally having fled from people. It was showing through now, although Alice played off being cool and just ignored the advances being made.

"Thanks. I was named after my great grandmother, I think." She said, one of the few facts she knew about herself from before her double-digit years. "I mean, I'm not so much in distress as Dutchess is, but thanks. I'll definitely go and find your colleague, though, and see if we can work together to get stuff done. If they come back, pass on the information incase we missed each other? I'd appreciate that."

At the suggestion, Alice rose her brows, and she switched tacks. "Nice and smooth there, dude. But sure, for the mission, obviously." The trainer's tone was dry, and Alice knew that if her Pineco Farren bore witness to this, he'd be wishing she were a more gentle soul. Eridian the Bagon might've already ripped off Ivan's feet. She went and set her number in the device, told the ranger to leave a message on her Xtransciever so they'd have details both ways, and then turned to walk out. "Don't take a picture to last longer, it's harassment~!"

Instruction playfully and loudly delivered, the cabin door didn't hit her butt behind her. This was not surprising, because her booty wasn't the biggest about. The blonde returned to the Skiddo, and approached just enough to get attention, but hopefully not close enough to immediately get rammed. "Hey there, little buddy. You seem really, super upset about something. I thought maybe I could give you some food, and you could maybe show me or tell my Abra, Axel, about it if it's too complicated? I could bring him out if you like."

Voice honey sweet, Alice set the Love Ball on the ground just a bit in front of her, as if inviting the Pokemon to open it up if he so willed. The bag set on the ground had a pocket open filled with pokeblock and poffin of various mixtures, and the human moved back a bit to be less intimidating. "People are worried about you, you know? I won't hurt you, I swear." She held her hands up, palms open, to drive the point home. "I'm Alice, by the way. If you can understand anything I'm saying. I'm not best at Pokemon speak myself, but I do try."
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