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Patches was trying to catch her breath at the top of the slide after exhausting herself from running and climbing her way back up to the top as fast as she could repeatedly. Noticing Gary enter the room she smiles and waves, oblivious to the confused look on his face. “Hey again Gary! Your slide is fun!” She watches as he approaches and listens to his question. “Huh…? Am I sure about Totodile?” Now she’s the one who's confused as she stands there going over the events that have gone down since she got here.

“I found him in your fountain and he seemed really happy. I’m definitely sure of that… Then I remembered you had this amazing slide…” She is still a bit lost until she finally lays her eyes on the pokeball in Gary’s hand. “Oh, that’s right! I said you should keep him, didn’t I? Hmm…” Now that she’s finally taking the time to think this over she slides down to ground level again so that she could walk back over to the fountain. Once she enters the room she sees Totodile happily splashing about in the fountain having a great time. “After seeing how happy Totodile is to be here, yes I’m very sure. He hasn’t had much of an opportunity to be outside of his pokeball since I got him and I have been feeling really guilty about that. He even broke out of his pokeball just to stay here so I think this is where he wants to be. I’m going to miss him but I also want him to be happy.” After taking the time to make that little speech she takes off back to the slide once again.

Mio, who was in the kitchen, watched as all of the other Pokemon enjoyed their meals and felt a bit jealous since she was quite hungry herself. She knew that it would be rude to take someone else’s food so instead, she decides to just pretend she’s fine and silently sits down to enjoy the company of the others. That’s when her stomach grumbles so loudly that there’s no way the others didn’t hear it.

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