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Crystal Grove.

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: (4 of 6 confirmed: Meowth, Scolipede, Seviper, Starmie)

Your legs currently under siege from the last rodents, your primary concern is getting them off your back as your current pokemon on field deal with their problems, and releasing Andromeda you deliver your orders to the starfish to get their attention. With a telepathic confirmation, the Starmie's gem begins to glow, forming a spotlight of energy and directing it first at the mice nipping at you, then to himself. The Rattata, taken by surprise at the light, are distracted perfectly and begin to scamper at the newcomer, while Meowth powers up more fighting energy as the Alolan rodent lunges, before punching the rat right in the nose, the force of impact smashing the fangs as it screeches and chomps down at hypersonic speeds down into the feline's flank, the cat caught in its grip.

Marvolo, still in the mood for dessert, rears up as the Raticate begin to rush at him, but one of the rodents is distracted mid-rush, and diverts attention to Andromeda! The other rodent attempts to barrel into Marv, hoping to take him down a peg or two, but is met with a torrent of flames thrown at it, shoving it back into the meat swamp, the noxious stench mixing with the naked flames as the molten pile erupts into a blast of fire that engulfs the Raticate, and the putrid stench is replaced with the smell of burnt flesh. The heat wave washes over the field, the distracted Rattata squealing as they're scorched, and the Raticate rushing for Andromeda flinching at the wave. Marvolo takes the brunt of the heat, which only serves to irritate him, while Meowth and his rodent are also buffeted, the Raticate releasing Meowth from its grip as you go from being hurt by teeth to being hurt by a hot wind.

Thankfully, no lasting damage was done, and the Raticate in the midst of the blast is launched forward, fur scorched off as the swampy heat quickly burns away leaving nought but blackened charred ground, the rodent attempting to climb to their feet, trembling. The Seviper is having none of that however and proceeds to grip the back of the neck and crunches down on the roasted rodent, killing it in a fast, merciful fashion. Not to be deterred, Meowth hisses before leaping at his stunned Raticate before swiping furiously at it, claws toughened by the prior two punches as he practically rips the fat rat's face apart in bloody rage, while Andromeda turns from the RAttata, by now in full retreat, to the other Raticate still surviving. Giving a warning, he begins to glow, but is sucker punched by the irate rodent who ignores the feeding Seviper, by now trying both varieties of Raticate scorched and finding both delectable in their own unique ways.

Unamused, the Starmie blasts it in the face with a dazzling gleam of fey light, the proximity blinding it as it scrambles and runs into the wounded Raticate, Meowth having grown tired of slashing after the fourth round of 'take dat and dat and some of dis too,' hunkering down and lowering his head, before bashing into the two rodents, launching them across the chamber as their skulls collide with the wall with a hollow thunk, knocking the two of them out cold, and judging by the slowly seeping pool of crimson, stone cold dead.

The threat neutralized, Marvolo pauses feeding for a moment to spit out a chunk of Raticate pelvis, the projectile shrouded in a dark energy as it hits the wall nearby, and a glance at the dex reveals that Marvolo has learned Secret Power during the fight. Further consultation also reveals that Meowth has gained 1 level from fending for himself, while Andromeda, having joined late, has gained nothing but the knowledge that Spotlight can be risky business to use.

"...nnnh..." a voice weakly cries, as you turn to the unconscious woman and look around you at the scene. There's a bunch of bone fragments, two unconscious Raticate bleeding out, two dead and scorched Raticate currently being devoured with gusto by a Seviper, and a great big stinking clump of death in the way that will soon begin to stink: hardly the safest place for anyone to recover, and the thought of the sight of it possibly causing her to faint means moving her to safety would be paramount, as well as the question of where the exit to these catacombs could be. Looking up, you can see no clear way back from where you were, and doubt anything in the team can carry two humans at once. With no way onward but forward through the passage the Raticate emerged from, you've got your path set out before you. The question, though, is how to deal with your current captive per se...
Even with his legs under attack by a pack of Rattata, Keith still knew his priorities. Granted, said attack could only help to make said priorities that much clearer- after all, when one's legs are being chewed by Rattata, one's priority would obviously be to remove said Rattata, no? Nevertheless, it still said something in favor of Keith's ability to remain calm that he was able to come up with a good plan even with the current assault to try and distract him. His Pokémon had their orders, and so things got underway.

First, Andromeda drew the Rattata's attention to herself- and more to the point, away from Keith's legs. He breathed a sigh of relief as the move proved successful, and surveyed his surroundings, taking in the grisly fight as it happened. Meowth had landed a great Power-Up Punch, but was now trapped by the Alolan Raticate's Hyper Fang. Meanwhile, Marvolo's Flamethrower hit its mark, sending the remaining Raticate tumbling backwards... and right into the horrible swamp the Seviper had created with his Z-Move. The flames reacted with the poison, and the Raticate was ignited shortly, the stench of burning flesh leaving a rather grim clue as to the evolved rodent's ultimate fate. This also had the effect of sending a blast of hot air all over the immediate vicinity. This got the various rodents to flinch and wince from the burning wind, though ultimately no lasting damage was done by it.

Andromeda's targets had all fled at this point. All but that one Raticate, anyway, who landed a brutal and super effective Sucker Punch. The unamused Starmie, unamused both by the Raticate's antics, and by the updator's use of male pronouns in reference to her, unleashed Dazzling Gleam.

Marvolo, by this point, had had the luxury of tasting both varieties of cooked Raticate. "Mmm," he remarked as he feasted. "The Alolan is fattier, but that does something for the flavor, I think. Of course, this could also have to do with the toxic chemicals that played a part in cooking it," he added with a sadistic chuckle.

"YAAAAAH!" Meowth exclaimed, still enraged as he rammed into the remaining Raticate with a powerful Skull Bash. This sent them into the wall at high speeds. Too high of speeds for them to survive, if the pool of blood they now lay in was any indicator.

Keith breathed again- every Rattata and Raticate that had been threatening them now had either hauled ass or died. "...OK," he finally said. "That... Holy crap."

"I like a good workout with my dinner," Marvolo reiterated between bites of Raticate. "But this was a bit too chaotic for my taste." Of course, it seemed as though said chaos hadn't diminished his appetite any, for he continued to munch on the smoked Raticate corpses, his enjoyment of this meal quite evident.

"You said it, Marv," Keith agreed. "Alright... Now we just gotta- wha?" he added, for at that moment, he heard a weak cry. He turned- the unconscious woman was starting to stir. "...OK, yeah, we gotta get moving," Keith stated. He had the distinct feeling that Amanda just might not react too well waking up to such scenes of carnage.

Andromeda approached Amanda. Is she an ally or an enemy? she telepathically asked Keith.

"The jury's still out on that one," Keith responded. "I was starting to question her when... well, long story short, they accidentally triggered a trapdoor, and here we are."

I see, the Starmie's telepathic voice sounded in Keith's head. Should I carry her, then? she inquired.

"You know what, that's a good idea, Keith nodded his agreement. "Use Psychic to carry her. Don't hurt her, though- I still got to find out just what her story really is, and if it turns out she's good people..."

Understood, Andromeda responded, her core flashing a soft, reassuring blue before she turned her focus to Amanda, ready to telekinetically carry her. She could easily readjust her psychic hold to be more restrictive if need be, though she would do her best to do no harm to this person as long as it was what Keith wished.

"And just where do youse propose we go from here?" Meowth demanded. He seemed to have simmered down, the Taunt beginning to wear off, but he still looked rather annoyed by their current predicament.

"Only one way I can see," Keith replied, gesturing to the passage from which the Raticate had emerged to begin with. "Going up doesn't look like an option, even if I did have both Luna and Hedwig on hand. And you're leading the way," he added.

"WAT?! ME?!" Meowth exclaimed.

"Yes," Keith replied, establishing eye contact with Meowth. "We'll need your Flash to light the way. Look, if you're really worried, you can ride on Marv's head-"

"The hell he can," the Seviper interrupted.

"Excuse me," Keith said to Marvolo, folding his arms. "He can, he will, and you will not object to it, because you're smart enough come to the same conclusion I came to- that we need the light in front of us to see ahead of us, and we also need serious power in the lead to deal with any threats. Meowth provides the light, you provide the power," he finished with a smirk. "Unless, of course, I'm mistaken and you can't provide the power-"

"As if," scoffed the Seviper. "Fine. Climb on," he snapped to Meowth. "Just be warned- any claws you use to hold on are getting sliced off," he added ominously, brandishing his tail blade threateningly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's just get outta here," grumbled Meowth, too tired and annoyed to be intimidated by Marvolo's threat. Even still, though, he made very sure to use no claws whatsoever as he climbed atop the Seviper's head and prepared to use Flash. With those two in the lead, Andromeda was to follow, telekinetically supporting the slowly stirring woman, and Keith intended to bring up the rear.

*Marvolo learned Secret Power!*

*Meowth grew to level 22!*

*Meowth learned Feint Attack!*

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