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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Some of these adventures are getting interesting... enjoy :P

Lucas was in a bit of a bind. While on one hand, he had found his first lead in the form of a flowerbed filled with Roselia and Budew. However, on the other hand he had no means of communicating with the flower Pokemon and nothing to win their favor. Trying his best to come up with a solution, Lucas called upon the services of Horologie, his Girafarig. The yellow and brown spotted giraffe-like Pokemon brayed in good tidings as she took in the beautiful surroundings.

Calling her to attention, Lucas asked Horologie if she could attempt to communicate with the Roselia and ask them about the Budew he had found. The Girafarig nodded, promising to make her best attempt of it. Lowering her long neck in order to make eye contact with the flower Pokemon below, Horologie neighed a bit in order to investigate. Lucas watched on as some of the Roselia stood there with conceited expressions. Some of them crossed their rose petal-tipped arms in disdain while others simply turned up their noses.

Upon noticing the unusual sight of a trainer using a giraffe to communicate with roses, a young woman with a bandana tying up her chestnut-colored hair, an apron covering her clothes, and a watering can in her hands approached Lucas. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear you,” she greeted with a warm smile, “The Roselias don’t like answering to anyone other than their queen, unfortunately. My name’s Petunia, by the way. I’m a volunteer gardener here.” Relieved he found someone to communicate with, Lucas explained the situation to Petunia.

“A poor Budew, not getting enough nutrition in the wrong flower bed, huh?” she asked, trying to make sense of the situation while tilting her head. “Unfortunately, this has happened before… Roserade, the ruler of this area of the garden is a bit of a perfectionist. If there’s any buds she thinks are imperfect or will ruin the beauty of her garden, she won’t hesitate to cast them out.” Petunia thought to herself for a moment. “The Sunflora are pretty protective of their young, so trying to remove the bud wouldn’t be the best idea either…” She paused again, deep in thought, before coming to a resolution. “I know! If you can get the Rose Incense from Roserade, you might be able to distract the Sunflora enough to rescue Budew! The incense has a powerful effect on grass type Pokemon so it should be able to do the job. The only problem might be trying to convince Roserade to let you borrow one…” With a goal laid out before him, it was now up to Lucas how he wanted to go about handling this task.
Lucas was quite grateful that this gardener made an appearance and provided some helpful guidance. He was a bit at a loss for what to do and his Girafarig was probably not up to the task of reasoning with these staunch flowers. Upon explaining the situation, she seemed familiar with the Budew's plight. Hearing her explanation, though, he felt rather bad for the poor, withering Budew - it seems the poor plant was a reject, cast out of the ranks for not being satisfactory to what seemed to Lucas as a rather tyrannical ruler of this portion of the garden. He could sympathize on some level. He always felt like a bit of an outcast, and his circumstances led to a forced isolation that reinforced his status.

Petunia's suggestion seemed sound enough. He wasn't exactly sure why the scent of flowers would draw other flowers, but he trusted her experience as a gardener, something he couldn't claim himself.

"I suppose we can see what we can do - would you be able to take me to the queen? Perhaps she would be more receptive to an audience if presented by someone she's familiar with, or at least someone who works closely with plants in the garden." Lucas requested.

He didn't have a clue what he would do when he was presented, but he figured he would have a better idea when he got there and faced the Roserade. Worse comes to worse, he could just wing it and see what becomes of it.

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