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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The Heracross’ Guts seemed to be infectious as adrenaline pumped Hiero up. This battle had excited him in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time; his mind darting all over the place to come up with strategies and backup plans. Spotting the Heracross loosen its wings as it prepared to attack, Hiero made his own preparations in return and called them out to Tomoko who was eagerly waiting for them.

Using her Bunny Suit, the Mareanie leapt up onto a tree trunk, grabbing hold with her spiky tentacle-like legs. Heracross spread its wings and took off at an amazing speed. Unfortunately for Tomoko, she had little time to react to this; her Bunny Suit enabled her to jump higher, not faster. The Heracross twisted and contorted its body in a corkscrew-like motion, slamming into Tomoko with a punishing Aerial Ace, causing the Mareanie to screech in pain and fall off of her hold on the tree. With her defenses lowered and the Heracross’ adrenaline-boosted attack, Tomoko could really feel that hit hard.

As the Heracross came around and steadied itself, Tomoko enacted Hiero’s backup plan and went into a defensive stance. Heracross charged forward, striking the starfish with a powerful Horn Attack. However, as the hit landed, Tomoko retaliated by using her barbs to land a point-blank Poison Sting on the Heracross. As it recoiled from the hit, Tomoko followed up the attack with a Merciless Peck from the spike on top of her head, ramming it into the beetle. Heracross winced as the poison whittled away a little more of its health. Overall Heracross appeared to be standing a little stronger than Tomoko, who took some heavy hits this round. However, this was a battle of attrition and the poison running through Heracross’ veins might catch up to it soon. For now, both Pokemon were still ready to go. Heracross took a deep breath, preparing itself for its next attack.
Tomoko was doing well, but she was definitely the underdog in this fight. Hiero could see that. The poison was clearly beginning to take hold of the Heracross, but it wasn't hitting its full potential fast enough. Tomoko looked tired, but still itching to fight.

"You're a strong fighter, Heracross! I'd love for you to join me on my journey. I know you love tree sap - when I catch you, I'll take you out to get you all the most delicious tree sap you can eat!" Hiero smirked. He wasn't sure if the Heracross reciprocated - especially considering how he had interrupted the Pokemon's lunch, which he did feel bad about, but he was confident that it would be an excellent addition to his team, so he'd make sure to apologize formally and make up for it after all was said and done.

"Tomoko. It's about time we wrap this up. I have a plan," Hiero motioned to the Mareanie. "I've finally determined Heracross' weak spot: its wings. Without them, it loses a large amount of its mobility. Jump above the Heracross, and then come down on its wings hard with a Peck! If you can, use a tentacle to latch onto its back, and then swing yourself around to its side with another hard Peck, and shove it against the tree!"

Hiero twisted the Pokeball in his hand once more. "You've done well Tomoko. After you've attacked it as I've instructed, the poison will hopefully have weakened it enough by that point... and I'll throw this Pokeball!"
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