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*Snore...* Hmm, wha - huh? You mean they actually posted and I slept through it? It's the next century already? Oh.

Ahem. Fahima begins to Swagger around, trying to make herself look big and impressive, but another Confusion from Ino tips her onto her rear end, angering the Croconaw but not confusing her.

Seeing that Fahima has not been confused, Ino prepares a Confuse Ray, only to have Mud Slapped across her face as Fahima grabs a chunk of goo from the swamp and chucks it at her. Briefly blinded by the attack, Ino forgets the Confuse Ray as the round ends...

Another boring round sees not much change from last round, both pokemon now with minor damage and slightly less energy, but that's it. Kishu to go then TT
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