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Originally Posted by Holy Emperor View Post
And for the claim that GSC's story was too lame.. it was the first (and only?) Pokemon game with actual badguys. Your rival steals a Pokemon from Birch. Team Rocket cuts off slowpoke tails and sells them. There's probably more but it's been 10 years so... D:
Giovanni was the original, and as such had a decent enough backstory. A mobster who wants to take over the world by using Pokémon to do his evil deeds. He presents himself as quite the philanthropist -- from his role as Viridian City's gym leader to his leadership of Silph Co., Giovanni's quite the man! -- but our hero uncovers the truth behind Silph Co.'s acquisition, behind the Celadon City casino, behind all of it! And in the end, he even helps Giovanni to mend his ways and return to being a good guy. Cliché, yes, but a classic formula nonetheless.

The leader of Team Rocket 2 had the dumbest haircut ever. Right off the bat, that's points lost for GSC right there! ;) But in all seriousness, I had two major issues with this villain. For one thing, he was far too incompetent to be their leader. Having either Lance or the hero fight him would have been enough, but the Lance & Hero tagteam in Mahogany Town was overkill and the final infiltration of the Goldenrod radio station even more so. But for a second thing? His plan sucked! It was ripped right from one of the worst filler episodes of the anime! Remember the time when Butch and Cassidy tried to use radio waves to turn the Pokémon against their trainers? That episode stunk! And it formed the centerpiece for Gold and Silver's plot.

Team Aqua and Team Magma were much cooler and scarier than the previous generations, if a lot stupider. Each organization was something halfway between a streetgang and a cult, the one worshipping a world devoid of water and the other worshipping one with oceans as far as the eye could see. My biggest complaint with Team Aqua was that they named the boss Archie (for the letter A) instead of a more appropriate name like Kevin. ;) While these groups were pretty dumb -- only after they achieved their goals and screwed over the world did either of them realize that reawakening Groudon/Kyogre was bound to have had this sort of apocalyptic outcome -- their dream was nothing short of lunacy-awesome. I mean, seriously: what they sought to achieve was the Pokémon equivalent of nuclear apocalypse. Or, if you're a fan of the story, you could think of it like X/1999. ;) Anyway, Groudon was awesome, Kyogre was awesome, so Slowpoke tails or no Slowpoke tails Gen 3 beats Gen 2 hands-down in my book.

But Diamond and Pearl take the cake for the best villain ever. While Team Galactic as an organization was kinda dumb, combining the sillier aspects of Teams Aqua, Magma, and Rocket2, their leader Cyrus was without a doubt the best villain of the franchise. Where do we even begin?
  • strongly suggested that his parents died when he was young, and he was raised by his relations (or perhaps some random generous couple) in Sunyshore
  • strongly suggested that he sought to resurrect his parents somehow
  • "shunned the company of others" and "preferred to play with machines," cool, cool! He's a Voldemort! ;)
  • He totally lied to his moronic henchmen. Or rather, he only told them half the truth: he told them that he sought to create a new world, one better than the one we live in now. What he didn't tell them was what his new world vision was: a world in which he would destroy everything that exists as we know it, where he would style himself as a god, and he would design a new world (presumably in which suffering was removed)
I mean, he's the ultimate megalomaniac! He's the spitting image of some of time's best villains! He's intelligent! He's calculating! And his intentions are kind but his means are as cold as ice! He would eradicate every single human being from the face of the planet -- his minions, the old man and woman who looked after him, everyone he's ever known! -- if it meant creating a world where you didn't have to experience the pain of separation. I mean ... wow. That's deep for a kid's game.

So if you can't already tell , Cyrus really sold the DP plot for me. I don't know how they changed his backstory (if at all) in Platinum, but in Diamond and Pearl he was worth way more to me than Dawn, Cameo Oak, Cameo Jasmine, or even Cynthia. Team Galactic was the worst villain team of all four generations but they had the best leader of all four generations, too.

So even if GS's Team Rocket revival featured sliced off Slowpoke tails in Azalea Town or a mind-control radio station in Goldenrod, I just don't think they can compare because their boss was the stoogiest stooge out of all of the Pokemon villains.
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