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It's the yearly visit!
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I do hope that it is a Gold/Silver remake, for the sake of everyone, as the whole community has waited quite a while for such a thing.

But if they make it DSi exclusive. I will hold a huge grudge with Nintendo forever. If they make it DSi only, then we may end up with weird control angles and camera features which I really do not want. I just want the game to be as good as it was before, except including the whole national dex from Sinnoh. Also, traveling to every continent would be brilliant (By every I mean RBY, GSC, RSE and DPP) but I'm not sure if they could pull it off. Maybe thats what they've been spending however long of the time we've been waiting doing.

I do hope that the DP evolutions will be included in the normal dex, as in, Honchkrow, Magmortar, Electivire and Pokemon evolutions like that, as then the gym leaders can possibly get a bit stronger. I agree with Vran in the sense that Jasmine should obviously have some Sinnoh steel types, Magnazone being the main one, and every gym leader should have at least one Pokemon from another Gen. I doubt this will happen however, and assume they will do the same system as Emerald, as in that you can rebattle the gym leaders with Pokemon from different regions, rather than the first time round.

And I agree, the egg hatching lane should be improved. I know how long I've been attempting to breed shinies on D/P, and G/S better improve their root, as otherwise I'll have to learn to *gulp* chain, which I don't intend on doing. I also hope they keep the massively enhanced Shiny Hatching

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