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No contest, the surprise presence of Kanto on the other side of your hometown was the single best inclusion in any of the Pokémon games ever. Better than purchaseable Psychic, better than a useful Normal/Flying teammate early on (STARAPTOR! ), better than being able to breed starters, I dare say. :o That's right: having Kanto and Johto on the same pak is better than having more than one of most of the exclusive gendered monsters in the game.

But it doesn't change the fact that Johto is in need of a major overhaul. Fix the glaring map errors, incorporate the Physical/Special split, give the fans some more cameo appearances to over-analyze, and let's call it a day, shall we? Oh, one more thing ...


I know I'm being unrealistic, but ... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? :3 I'd buy a Nintendo DSi just for this game if you guys did that. Make it a DSi exclusive for all I care: no improvements, no purchase; major improvements, I've got me a new DSi.

I almost forgot from my original list! :O I know they already did Fire Red and Leaf Green, but I was thinking that since the story in GS takes place three years after the story in Kanto that it would be cool if Mewtwo made an appearance. :o Sure, maybe you can't catch him. And sure, maybe that would spawn years of endless speculation about where he is inside the game. lol But it'd be cool to see Mewtwo interact somehow with Team Rocket 2. Even if he was only a name in one of the NPC's speech bubbles.
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