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*Wakes out of comatose state* and, at long last, both orders are in, AND the ref has remembered to post! Sorry for the wait, both of you.

Yamanaka Ino (Ralts) [Female] {Level One}
Profile: N/A
Sig Move: N/A

"Hm... Go Ino! Calm Mind into Confusion!"
Fahima: Level 2 Female Croconaw
Biography: Croconaw was hatched from an egg I found near a large poisonous lake, the poison from the lake had seeped deep into the egg and, thereby, into Croconaw's body. The large amounts of poison in Croconaw's body have given her a strange resistance to Poison type attacks.
Sig (Special Resistance): Croconaw takes 75% of the damage normally taken by all Poison type attacks.

Of course I'll be beginning with none other than Fahima the Croconaw.

Fahima my darling, show your opponent how menacing you can be. Roar to terrify them then give them a taste of what they're afraid of with a Mega Punch!
And so our two trainers send out their first pokemon; Ryuusei kicks things off by sending out Ino the Ralts, who promptly squeals and vanishes beneath the surface before bursting up, coughing and spluttering, climbing onto a grassy knoll over the steaming swamp. TT releases, predictably, Fahima the Croconaw who quite happily splashes into the swamp before climbing out opposite Ino. As what looks suspiciously like the black sea serpent thing which tried to eat R2D2 swims past, the match begins!

Ino tries to Calm her Mind in preparation for the battle to come, only to be startled out of her thoughts by an echoing Roar from Fahima, who leaps towards Ino, fist outstretched. Glaring, Ino forces thoughts of Confusion into Fahima's mind, making the Croconaw faceplant into the swamp. Fahima surfaces angrily, climbing back out...

Ino took no damage and used good energy, still fresh. Fahima is much the same, only with minor damage.

TT then Ryuusei
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