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Levin opened the bag he'd just received earlier from Stark of the Elite Four. The contents fell on the grassy floor by the entrance to his Treetop Base, a glimmering rock radiating flame energy... a rare, elusive Fire Stone.

How appropriate that it came from someone so skilled in the art of Fire. I intend to make the most of this...

He couldn't really explain it though. Why he was so adamant about getting such an item, no matter the cost, when he'd usually be much more conservative about his investments. Something compelled him to do it, but more importantly, to do it regardless of Nyx's vehement protests. The Gengar's apprehension was palpable, and he should know better than to ignore a millennia-old creature, but for some reason he did...

I can't explain it, but it feels like it's something I just have to do... much as I hate to put it this way, something I was destined to do. I can't fight this feeling, no matter how much Nyx begs me to stop!

He knew exactly what to do. And when his hand touched the Pokeball on his belt, he also realized exactly who led him to do it. The one whose Aura was a perfect match for his own, intertwined in his, as Mazo said... Katsune
In a flash of light, the cheerful-looking Vulpix emerged and immediately nudged Levin's leg affectionately. But as soon as it sensed the magic radiating from the nearby Fire Stone, it shifted its attention to the rock and instinctively approached it, intrigued.

Just then, the Daughter of the First Night emerged from the ground and pleaded with the Saffron-native yet again. The Gengar was no longer just apprehensive - Nyx was downright terrified, for the first time since Levin met her, and it just didn't suit her character at all...

Levin, you have to stop this right now! Please, I beg you!! Keep that dreadful creature away from the stone! You... you can't do this to me! Please don't let him come back, or I'll be -

Nyx's final attempt was cut short. The second Katsune approached the Fire Stone, the latter exploded in a blinding burst of light which engulfed the small Vulpix and caused the Gengar to shriek and cover her eyes. The glow from the shards and that of Katsune's own transforming body became one, a mass of light that swirled and grew until finally stabilized and subsided. The Fire Stone was gone, and in Vulpix's stead, at the center of a circle of burning grass, was Katsune in his new glorious form - a golden !

The Ninetales slowly turned his deep red eyes to Levin, and a calm, soothing, almost melodic voice rang in his head. Was this part of Katsune's new power?!

Levin Sanders... Eld's Chosen One. The human bearing the blessing of the First Dawn, protegé of the Old Sun. I am the harbinger of Eld; I prepare its return, purging away the darkness of this world... you and I are intertwined by our common fates - both children of Light, worthy of Eld's trust. You have awakened my dormant powers... now I must do what is expected of me.

Katsune howled, and the clouds above vanished. Intense sunlight filled the clearing, and Levin was forced to watch the following events unravel beyond his control. A Pokeball and Snow Ball detached from his belt on their own and hovered toward Katsune; they snapped open, causing the Pokemon within to materialize - Wicca the Seedot and Skuld the Snorunt.

This is the Age of Light; there is no place on this Earth for servants of the arcane Darkness. With the passing of the First Night, the primordial shadow embodied as Gengar, the Age of Dark ended and Eld's rule was unopposed. You are remnants of that era, creatures unwelcome in the light of day - old lost souls of a time long past. I am tasked with preparing the return of the Lord Eld, the First Dawn, and it is my duty to smite the darkness from this land. Seeds of the Age of Dark... begone, by the will of the Light I serve!

Nyx's pleas, her desperate attempts to prevent him from getting Katsune back, and then begging him to stop seeking the Fire Stone... it all made sense now. She knew Katsune as servant of the Volcarona from his youth! She knew he could find her one day... and Levin led him straight to her.

White, cleansing flames swirled from the ground up, holy Fire Spins that engulfed each of the three Pokemon individually. Nyx was the aeon-old daughter of the First Night, Skuld an ancient spirit of ice and death, burdened with the curse of freezing all life around her, and Wicca was even older than her, having cheated death countless times by manipulating darkness and light to allow him to revive eternally. All three of them abominations of the realm of shadows in the eyes of Katsune, Harbinger of Eld and apparently his paladin...

The Fire Spins swallowed their victims, the white flames burning them away until only three glimmering orbs remained in their place, hovering above the ground. There was a deafening silence that told Levin what he already suspected - there was no life in those fire spheres anymore... Nyx was gone, as were Skuld and Wicca. Katsune single-handedly saw to their execution...
He'd failed to notice before, but when the white orbs traveled toward Katsune, Levin realized the Ninetales only had six tails, just as the Vulpix did before evolving. But only for a minute - the Fire-Type swallowed the three orbs in succession, and with each one he devoured, a new tail sprouted! And when all the spheres were consumed, Katsune's tails... were finally nine.

Of their characters I know not. But this is a world of life, a land for Man and Pokemon to coexist under the watchful eye of Arceus and with the blessing of the Sun. These three souls should never have lasted past the age when darkness ruled. It is my duty to cleanse the world of stray souls who Giratina has yet to reclaim, leaving this world free for the living to roam. But such a task is mine alone, Chosen One of Eld... this particular burden does not weigh on your shoulders, even if our fates are linked. Your duty is different altogether - all I ask is that you welcome Eld into your family once destiny deems it appropriate that you should find one another again. Raise the First Dawn again, restore the glory it once had and reap the benefits of power that comes with the deed... Please Levin Sanders, the world needs Eld's light once more.

The Saffron-native couldn't bring himself to speak. He just witnessed three of his dear friends disappear forever, and he led this "harbinger of Eld" to them... But how could he have known? More importantly, why did he, in the deep recesses of his soul... actually agree with Katsune?

Because he's right... some creatures have no place in the world of the living. Nyx was trapped in that Gardevoir's Dream World, fighting her for all eternity, until I brought her out; Skuld's instincts drove her away from society until her curse led her to freeze herself away, but I forced her into the human world, intent on "curing" her, "changing" her; Wicca had been cheating death for generations by manipulating dark magic. But did they really have to be destroyed?...

In stunned silence, he recalled the Ninetales he unwittingly brought into existence. It'd be a long time before he truly came to terms with what just happened... three of his friends were now gone, apparently by will of the one Pokemon he'd been seeking out for years now - Eld the Volcarona. Was it worth the price?...
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