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Two Pokemon, One Cup - WIT Round 2: Ryuusei vs TerminatorTotodile

Welcome, trainers, to this rather..well, this rather murky and unpleasant swamp. I mean, seriously, it makes Dagobah look like a holiday resort. Here, one trainer shall move on to fame and glory, whilst the other falls by the wayside. Don't let it be you!

2 vs. 2 single
Swamp Arena
Return = KO
96 Hour DQ with one extension, Pokebowl Style

Swamp (Outdoor): A thick bog with very sticky mud, wilted trees and very dense fog. It is hard to see and most Pokémon will not be able to see a metre in front of them.
Special Rules: Fog, Wild Pokémon (Tropical)
And so, now you have to PM me your squads of 6, your first pokemon and first round orders. Afterwards, with TT as the higher ranked trainer at the start of the atch, he will order first in Round 2. Let's get started!
I claimed Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud in the Celebrity 3.0 thread, Keitaro and Motoko from Love Hina in the Couple 3.0 thread and Kaolla Su from Love Hina in the Bishie 2.0 thread!

Current ASB ranking: Lv3 Trainer, B Grade Ref
Win: 7, Draw: 0, Loss: 6
KOs: 30 TPs: 114 SP: 17.5

Many thanks to Jukain for this legendary trainer card!
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