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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

Inexperienced as you were in battles, you knew two things. One, was that you hated seeing your Pokemon get hurt in the way that they were. And two, that this Litwick most certainly had some sort of mean streak in it. Watching Eclair be licked at by the flames of fire and wince from her burn threw you back to all the times that you had burnt yourself while cooking over heat, but you had certainly never fought fire in the same way that Eclair was right now. Although the Litwick had seemingly never battled before, it certainly knew that it's opponent had some sort of poor disposition to fire. As the Astonish landed on Eclair, she fell to the ground --- causing the Litwick to give a happy giggle and move closer to the Mawile to loom over it as threateningly as a cute little candle could.

You had finally had enough, rummaging through your bag for a cute pink Pokeball. You let out a deep breath in anticipation, looking to capture you Mawile's attention you commanded her to Captivate her foe. It was a risky play, considering that the creature's gender hadn't yet been made clear. However, it seemed to fall for the bait. Making goo goo eyes are your Mawile and letting a small trail of candle wax drool drip from it's mouth. This was your shot. As you threw the ball with all your might, you squeezed your eyes shut. You couldn't watch, you were far too excited. Eclair kept her eyes on the pink ball, watching it spin through the air gracefully before hitting the Litwick on the head.

The creature spun quickly before being sucked up in a pale red light. Eclair watched in anticipation as the ball shook once... and then twice. It stopped for a second, causing her to prepare to attack whatever came out. It finally gave a pitiful weak shake, before the Heal Ball made a small locking sound. It was over, the Litwick was yours. Eclair cheered for you, looking at the now motionless ball on the ground.

The young girl then opened her big blue eyes, looking around from next to Athena. "W-where am I? Where's my mommy!" She cried out, tears forming in her eyes. Oh dear. It seems that she really was lead here by the ghost and was now seemingly lost. She looked around, panicked, taking a glance down at her dirty clothes. "Mama is gonna kill me!" She yelped.

Athena should probably get this gal home... what do you do?

(Congrats! You captured a Lv.10 Male Litwick)

The Heal Ball landed firmly on the entranced Ghost Pokemon's head, and Eclair watched as it was swallowed up into the device. Athena opened an eye to peek, just in time to see the ball stop moving and hear a satisfying 'click'.

"Mawa~i!" Eclair cheered, throwing her arms up in the air. The fire around her fizzled out, allowing her to bend down and safely pick up the Pokeball. She loyally handed it to her trainer, who was standing with her mouth open in chalk. Athena took the ball and looked over it in awe. Her first successful catch, and she had saved a life in the process of it. Eclair sat down and relaxed, nursing her burn by running over it with a hand.

The little girl suddenly stirred in Athena's arms. She opened her eyes and looked at the trainer holding her. Not wanting to scare her, Athena gave the girl a soft smile. Despite this the girl still started to cry.

"Hey hey its ok..." Athena comforted. She lifted the girl to the ground, stabilizing her in case she stumbled. The little one noticed her ruined clothes, and Athena knelt to dust them off a bit to make any sort of difference. "My name is Athena, and I'm gonna help you ok? I want you to talk to someone first though."

She tossed the ball in her hand lightly, letting it strike against the ground and open up. Litwick appeared, looking around in surprise. He spotted Eclair and immediately ducked behind Athena, sticking a spectral tongue at her. Eclair lifted the mouth on the back of her head and it let out a hiss. Litwick squeaked. Athena gently picked him up and presented him to the little girl.

"This is...Palmier," She quickly came up with the name. The small Pokemon reminded her of the buttery cookies she liked to make for her younger brothers. "He wants to say that he's very sorry for scaring you, and that he hopes your ok. Right, Palmier?" She gave a stern look to her new Pokemon, who looked back sheepishly. With some protest, Athena moved one of his little hands out towards the girl, and encouraged the two to shake.

"Palmier and I want to help you get back home to your Mama okay? Can you tell us where you live?" The trainer smiled. Though this Litwick had just tried to drain the life out of this girl, she hoped she would understand that he wouldn't harm her anymore.

(Claming Palmier the Litwick in a Heal Ball! Declaring his ability to be Flame Body. Thank you I love him!)

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