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Round 10

EmeraldGoblin returns an ailing Elekid to his Poke-ball, apparently not wanting to see him take the final blow. In his place, he releases a much larger, more formidable opponent is Hei Bai, the Kangaskhan. Rhodes flutters back warily, not wanting to be on the receiving end of too many physical attacks from this one. In a stroke of inspiration however, his trainer suggests using their might against them, and Rhodes takes to preparing a Bide. Hei Bai was already charging in, jumping up as he reaches the Dunsparce and trying for a vicious Body Slam. Unable to move, Rhodes takes it head on, slammed into the ground beneath their opponent's bulk.

Happy with the first hit, Hei Bai climbs up and reveals a pretty crushed Dunsparce lying on the ground, covered with a red aura. Looking to keep up the offensive, the normal-type charges energy into their front Claws and goes for another Crushing blow. The nail jab at a tender looking piece of skin then tear straight down the Dunsparce's length. Rhodes cries out in pain, this being the moment where he knew he had to fire. Just as the Kangskhan draws his claws back, Rhodes does a hop-turn to face his opponent then unleashes a bright red beam of energy. It's loud, thick and bright; the intense shot, fueled by the punishment he had received earlier in the round, strikes and bursts deep into Hei Bai's gut during the chaotic moment. The beast roars, taking the beam head on for a second before being thrown completely off balance by the force and crashing to the ground on his back. The wind is completely knocked out of Hei Bai, and he clutches his mid-section unhappily... clearly having been hit very hard. The Dunsparce doesn't look much better, laying on the ground resting after exerting that incredible amount of energy.


The distance between them is medium; outside of melee, but not at 'long range'. Both Pokemon are on the ground, though they will be able to proceed normally next round (though perhaps with a bit of a slow start).

Hei Bai took an incredibly painful shot, well beyond that of a Hyper Beam, even. Fortunately it was the only damage he took and he was at full health when it happened. His energy use this round wasn't too shabby. It'll take a second or two for him to get up at the start of the next round.

Rhodes looks strained and exhausted after firing that attack, and is at a sizable energy deficit compared to Hei Bai. He might not be able to do much of anything in the immediate next round. He took quite a bit of damage himself, but much less than his opponent. The poison has finally worked its way into his system, and he will slowly begin to take damage as of next round.

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