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Round 7

Gyatso feels out when he feels his opponent will start their next attack, suddenly Screeching when he feels the time is right. The sharp sound is practically painful for the Grimer, forcing him to block his ears to escape the sound as much as he can. As it fades, Denny groans, having turned about in his writhing. It's difficult for Gyatso to see exactly what's cookin', so he rounds the Grimer a bit to see... only for the poison type to suddenly turn, spraying a load of special toxins straight at the electric-type. It splashes against his body, not doing much damage at first. Once it sinks into his skin a bit however, Gyatso really knows about it, a sickening pain coursing through his body. It seems the Venoshock reacted with the poison in his body for a particularly potent effect. When it stops, the electric-type is left shaken and panting. Denny looked pleased.

Gyatso, putting on a serious face for perhaps the first time in this match, charges and fires another Shock Wave at his opponent. The blue arcs bounce across the ground rapidly, shocking the Grimer once again. Denny retaliates, summoning all of the fire energy he could manage into one big Fire Blast. The star of flames closes the distance quite quickly as this middling range... Gyatso attempts to dodge, and while he avoids a direct blow to the chest, he's still firmly clipped by the blast. He cries out, tumbling to the ground.

As the Elekid struggles back up he winces, the poison ever present and helping to wear him down.


The two Pokemon are at a medium distance from each other, about 10 feet (3 meters).

Gyatso is really hurting after that round, his health lead having evaporated to nearly zero now. Denny wasn't damage free either, and can be seen wincing still as his body protests that last electrical shock. Both Pokemon are much closer to zero than half health, now. Denny's round was pretty energy heavy. Although he has a lead on Gyatso in overall energy, he'll struggle to keep pace without a lighter one next. Denny's fire energy is largely gone. Gyatso on the other hand is feeling refreshed... or at least, as much as he can be at this stage in the battle, having just had a simpler round.
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