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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Alright, follow-up question to what I asked a while back regarding Secret Bases. For those wondering what I'm talking about, I asked about keeping my old Secret Base until the conclusion of a certain storyline, then getting it closed and starting a new Secret Base.

Now what I'm wondering is... would I be allowed to start up my new Secret Base right now, but keep my old one solely for the purposes of that one storyline? Any new storylines would only be allowed in the new Secret Base, while the old one, I would still request to have closed upon the completion of the sole storyline still ongoing in there, and not allow anyone to start new storylines in there. Could I do this, or would this be pushing it?
My stance is to allow you to begin construction on the new base (getting the intro posts ready and the like), but I would ask that you not open the new base to the public for free RP until the storyline in your old base is finished and the base is ready to close down.

The reason for this is - while I have every reason to believe that the Stewie storyline will wrap up in a reasonable amount of time, generally speaking, there is a risk in free RP for a single storyline to drag over years - whether due to complexity, or due to members taking a long time to respond - and I would prefer to keep the rule regarding not having multiple bases open at one time as clean-cut and straightforward as possible so as not to create potential ambiguity or to invite abuses of the system in the future.
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