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I think you're misunderstanding my stance on Zelink, or at any rate we don't see eye to eye on the subject. The idea of anyone "winning" or being "deserving" of someone's agreement to marry them already makes me uncomfortable, so let's just leave that alone. I don't wish to get too deep into philosophical debate, but my reason for bringing it up in relation is bc by emphasizing Akari's and Tohno's relationship as "special", you seemed to suggest they were some kind of star-crossed "soulmates" (a concept I don't subscribe to either). I personally don't believe anyone should be "beholden" to another; only that there are those who are objectively more compatible together (at any certain point in time).

Nor do I think "realism" should be withheld from fiction; part of what I like about animé is that it covers such a wide variety of topics - from the magical to the mundane (ex: "slice of life" stories). If one is simply searching for fantasy escapism, then yeah 5Cm definitely isn't suited to fill that brand. Tbf I don't think it's particularly good at "storytelling" either, in that it strives so hard for the "realistic" factor to the point of making the characters and dialogue supremely dull and tedious to sit through. (That was something Kimi no Na Wa did fix by introducing the first act as lighthearted and humorous to at least make the main protagonists more likeable.) But it is a very believable situation IMO. I just find it rather surprising/disappointing that you would consider Akari's apparent lack of "devotion" - going so far as to call it a "callous betrayal" - to a boy she knew at 13 years old the "grossest" element (instead of say, Tohno's own ruinous behavior as a result of relying on those tenuous past memories to self-medicate/run from current responsibility), and sincerely hope that kind of thinking doesn't extend to "real life", as it were.
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