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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post

...As an aromantic/romance-repulsed female who believes in "free will" over "fate" (see: my general dislike for the Zelink pairing + "curse" that binds all three Triforce bearers together; BotW only changes my mind specifically for how much the two relate over the weight of their cruel "destiny" and can find common ground in that - and even then I don't think Zelda or any girl should "owe" a guy anything for saving her life and/or being an emotional support), I have a lot of issues with what you just said.
I don't understand how that connects. I generally have the same position toward Zelda - I do not like the fate element that binds Link and Zelda together while also keeping Link from every marrying her.

It's annoying that SS, BotW Zelda "win" the Linkbowl when ALTTP, WW Zelda are so much more deserving. Why does Zelda win now? Because Nintendo had a shift in philosophy due to new game makers who don't respect the established canon.

It would be like Galar Ash capturing 6 legends after 22 years of not catching one.

Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post

But whatever. Fact of the matter is long-distance relationships (not to mention childhood "puppy love") rarely work out in the long-term, whether romantically or platonically. If anything I'd say it's "NTR" in the other direction, with Tohno being so hung up on Akari's memory haunting him that he ignores his current girlfriend/other girls crushing on him. I have no quarrel with the movie's overall message of "moving on" when pining for the past becomes unhealthy, only in its execution.
Remember this is a movie, not real life. That was something I made sure to preface earlier. I don't go into an anime movie expecting real life, especially not with that setup. Such was a reason I thought Kimi no Na Wa. had problems - the final act about Taki and Mitsuha didn't fit with the story shown earlier. It was formulaic Shinkai pigeonholed into the story for late, cheap drama.

For NTR, like I said this story predated when NTR was well recognized and common. But Shinkai hits most of the tropes on the head in this (and Google backs me up):

-Tohno is the main character
-He and Akari love each other
-Tohno becomes a salaryman (a synonym for dead-end job)
-The female Akari moves on from the relationship while Tohno can't
-The move taunts the viewer by showing she is happy with another man, while Tohno is miserable

I agree that it sucks that Tohno's girlfriend was ruined by his lingering affection for Akari but he shouldn't really have had a girlfriend in the first place. That would imply he's moved on from Akari.

At least, I cannot sympathize with or imagine a scenario where distance-conquering love could be compromised by weakness like that. It's cruel to the girlfriend, and you have to question if what Tohno thinks is genuine.

Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post

I similarly had zero problem with the ending of BokuMachi, and frankly it disgusts me more that so many think Satoru was (still) "entitled" to Kayo's affections for rescuing her as a kid despite being in a coma for 20 years. People's feelings change over time, and if it's not going to work out in the foreseeable future then either party has a right to walk away and find their own happiness, regardless of the other's circumstances. Everyone has their own life to live and do what's best for his or herself. Get over it (@those who think otherwise).
I wonder if I will have a different view toward BokuMachi. I remember calling cuck back then but I'm not sure I'd do that today. There is WAY LESS IN COMMON with cliche NTR in that show than in others, not the worst of which is that Satoru was 20+ years old and basically a NEET, so his mental maturity would create a sense of programming/manipulation.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with "people's feelings change over time". I just don't think that Shinkai did anywhere close to a decent job conveying that in this film, visually or narratively. It felt like what he was building toward was quickly resolved with cheap NTR.
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