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I'm so late.

Hi, Naru here. This is my fourth time posting in one of these cool little threads. BUT THIS TIME I HAVE A COLOURED NAME. Woah! How times have changed. This year I am proud to announce that not only am I now a Fizzy Bubbles mod, but I am also a member of Serebiiforums's moderation team as well! (I'm Hydrangea over there, feel free to say hi if you see me around!). I'm so happy to continue expressing my love of UPN and, in a sense, actually give back to the community.

Anyways! Onto... whatever I posted last year:

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> Kicks door down

So last year it was :

Ew. Gross. I got dumped like a month after I made this post LMAO. I'm back living with my parents, which is chill --- my mom and I's relationship has gotten like infinity times better. Boosted my C+ Average to a B+ average, finished my second semester with a 3.4 GPA! (A- in EDUC class!). Oh yeah, my practicums were in a Grade 8 classroom... which 100% was super scary when I first learned about it but my mentor teacher was a doll and my students were honestly really great. Otherwise... 2017 was pretty good. Might've gotten dumped, but like the year got better at the tail end and I spent more time with my gal pals and went on my first ever proper roadtrip back to my home town.

On the UPN side... I love you all so much. You're such a great community and it's been an honor to be welcomed into it so willingly. I love talking to all of you! You all have such wonderful things about you! Along with that... as you can probably tell I'm active on Fizzy Bubbles heavily and I got made a zone admin and I literally almost cried when I was voted in???? I am a weak baby...
HA. Still single, but have decided it's totally for the best. I like myself more when I'm not trying to impress a boy. I'm going to continue to focus on school, boys can come later. Speaking of school, I did not get into my third year of education with the limited 32 spots (I was number 33 LMAO) but it's whatever. I'm just going to take another year of options, maybe turn my Bachelor of arts into a Master of arts and try again next year. I'm nothing if not driven.

My mom and I continue to have a good relationship, and she was the most comforting and understanding person when I told her I did not get in. (I love you mom, you do double the work you need to at all times and I respect you so much).

UH! I TURN 22 IN AUGUST? WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE? Not to mention this April was the 10th anniversary of my roleplaying career, as well as the 10th year of me making longterm friends from Serebii forums (I know you guys aren't on UPN... but if you ever lurk I love you all so much and I hope one day we can meet irl ;~;). I also totally got added to a Discord group with other roleplay friends that I haven't spoken with since 2012??? I almost cried being able to reconnect with everyone. This November also marks 10 years since I went to my first concert! Which also means 10 years since I got absolutely obsessed with music. So Three Days Grace, I thank you for that.

And that's it from me! Once again, I love you all. Feel free to message me on here or on Discord any time... I know I'm not extremely active on the UPN Discord anymore but just know I'm there. <3

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