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Half a decade's nearly passed since my arrival upon this strand of the web, and not that my many forced hiatuses make me feel very honest about saying that. Whoops.

Finally got myself a handy-dandy Birth Certificate within the right time frame to say that it's my 21st birthday present, which certainly beats a toothbrush (the only other thing I got this year...). The BC's been kinda useless so far, however- still couldn't get a state ID because I don't have birth abroad paperwork, which consequently made it so even McDonald's continues to refuse to hire me. We're already working on hammering out that particular kink, though, so hopefully this'll all be over with by this time next year.
Tl;Dr, Red Tape continues to plague my very existence. Boo!

My home situation continues to be mentally taxing, but that's to be expected. At least my post-secondary education seems to have stabilized for the time being.

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