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Altaria I press “f” to pay respects- I mean, for “forums” in the url to access upn

Honestly, the extent of my interaction of Upn is checking this site for .1 seconds because hey! Old habits die hard

But I still talk to some of y’all now and then! In fact, I’m gonna be going to Australia and South Korea in July~ I’m so hypeeee

Other than that, I’m still drawing, still working, and still playing games obsessively >o> Y’all know where to find me if you need me :v

Hi, I'm Daisy!

Spoiler: show
W(DQ)- 22(3) L(DQ)-14(0)
TP-131 SP- 64.5/96.5 (5SP to Deh, 5SP to FW, 5SP to Desert Spirit, 8.5SP to Fallen Icarus, 10SP to Kyro12, 8SP to Charminions, 10 to aposteriori)

~Fizzy Bubbles~

Credits to Charm for making this!

Come, my birdies!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

Fear my abnormally large signature~

Be Positive Ref~ I <3 you, Lonely Cubone and those who eval'd me~
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