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Lucifer: Volbeat Lv 3 (M)
Sig: Special Training: Prism
Volbeat gains access to the moves Aurora Beam and Power Gem, with the energy to use each three times per match. Lucifer is now weak to Dark-type attacks, and loses access to Focus Punch.

Robert Drake (Bobby): Dragonair Lv 4 (M)
Sig: Special Training/Type Change (ICE): Iceman
Robert Drake has become a Dragon/Ice type, with all the weaknesses and resistances of such. He also has gained Weather Ball, but it cannot be used during intense sun. He has lost all access to all Fire moves except Sunny Day, which he can only use once per battle. He retains his ability to swim well in water and move well on land. He may never evolve into a Dragonite, and is thus considered fully evolved from a damage/energy standpoint (Dragon/Ice).

Justin Beaver: Bibarel Lv 3 (F)

Baudelaire: Gothorita Lv 3 (M)
Sig: Special Technique: Kiss of Death (PSY)
Essentially a variation of Volt Switch, Baudelaire charges up energy, and shoots it at the foe with a kiss, creating a large pink heart, which hits them, dealing the same amount of damage as Volt Switch, only Psychic-typed. Energy use is also slightly higher than Volt Switch, also of the Psychic type. Baudelaire then returns to her Pokeball, and another Pokemon is sent out in his place, in the same method as Volt Switch. This move has a 10% chance to confuse the foe.

Onsalaught: Nidorino Lv 3 (M) [alternate coloured - brown]
Sig: Special Training: Grounded
Onsalaught has gained access to Drill Run, and his Hidden Power is Ground-typed. He is now considered familiar with Ground-typed moves. However, his Electric, Water, and Ice energy pools are reduced to the energy of a Thunderbolt each.

Professor Leach: Eelektrik Lv 3 (M)
Sig: Special Training: Master's Degree
The professor now has a familiarity to the Water type, and gains access to Water Pulse and Scald. His Hidden Power is also of the Water type. However, his time spent in Kanto has made him neglect the lessons of other regions, and as such, he loses access to Zap Cannon, Wild Charge, Gastro Acid and Volt Switch. When he evolves, he does not gain access to Dragon Tail or Hone Claws.

I'll open with Baudelaire
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