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I'm alive...!

Holy crap, I'm alive! I know, it's crazy, but it's true! After having GS over here the other day, it made me think more about posting here again... and so I am posting some older artwork. Might as well, right? d: Sorry about crappy image quality on some of some of these btw!

Spoiler: show
Did this one while I was working. Too much free time and a pink highlighter = artwork!

Spoiler: show
Another one I did while working. Like I said, WAY too much free time.

WARNING: Just a little bit NSFW! (Cute pic of girl in undies)
Spoiler: show
Not actually sure if I should've posted this up here, but it's one of my better (and cuter) pieces of art.

I think 3 is enough for now... but I do have a lot more! If you want to view even MORE of my artwork, please go here: All of the pics I posted are there and so much more! But I promise from now on to post more... Pokemon related stuff at least. But my "Secret Art Gallery" is updated a lot more frequently and includes all kind of genres.

Ta ta for now~

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