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A few notes:

I was ultimately the one that dropped the hammer here. Jeri was modded after the fact.

Jeri did not change the forum rules (without my consent). I gave him the OK, and the only rules that got changed were in the debate forum. This place was devolving into a shithole.

I don't have a problem with pedophilia discussion, but as Talon said, purely from an academic standpoint (provided something like that actually exists).

In regard to this being a community decision.. what? I've always done what I've felt needed to be done. I'm not trying to come off like a dick, but this was my call in the end. I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. I so rarely use my power in this manner, and I hope to god I won't again. I've imposed bans on Blast and others before and didn't feel I needed to hold a tribunal.


Anyway, thanks for fielding all these questions Jeri. My view on the whole thing is pretty simple. It wasn't because I disagreed with him. Come on, you guys know me. I really don't give a shit what goes down. But this type of moderating creates a problem. And that problem is when a very large part of your userbase is completely uncomfortable by having a certain poster around. I didn't drop the hammer because I didn't agree with his unique views. It was the fact that he was making specific comments in regards to underage women. In addition to just his.. unique comments to specific members of this forum. See this thread or dig up his posts for more information, but this isn't hard to find.

At the end of the day, UPN is a great place because people can come here and just relax and feel safe. Sure there will be arguing (see this forum; asb; etc) but people at the end of the day feel comfortable.

This was an exceptionally hard decision to make, but ultimately it was mine. While I love to field public opinion on many matters, for something like this I had to choose. Things like a democratic process don't always work on public forums. It will just cause a schism and more problems. This is my role as the one in charge.
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