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Oh come on, 'geet. You should have expanded on that post more with the stuff you were talking to me about. A little more elaboration on why that text is important, and how it protects UPN as a whole from legal action.

And, uh, why did you target blaze? Nothing he said had any relevance to the point you brought up. He just walked into the thread- the points your point goes along with are earlier in the thread. His point about the power of an angry parent is a good one, though.

Other than that, I'm going to step back and let the future lawyer show his stuff. Who knows, might actually have some merit. For once. :P

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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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